Is the Government doing enough to protect Muslims?

Most pressing question of the day:

What has his government actually done to protect the Muslim community?

Muslims are very vulnerable at the moment, and the demonization of Muslims by the right wing press has made matters worse.

Here’s my answer:

Muslims deserve protection when they pay for it.

Once they pay the jiziya with willing submission while feeling utterly subdued, western governments should enter into a protection pact with them.  If Muslims continue to wage jihad, the protection pact is null and void, their wealth will be confiscated  and all Muslims deported. Deal?

Lucy Shrillary in the sky with diamonds

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz gave Hillary Clinton diamond-and-ruby-encrusted jewels worth half a million dollars last year  (Scaramouche)


Nice Haul, Hill!

Selective Racism Is the Newest Social Disease — And It’s Being Spread by Obama

Krauthammer: Is ‘Humiliated’ Obama Being ‘Shamed’ Into War?

Obama’s “Shame” As a Casus Belli?

“It is a complete humiliation for the Obama administration.”–(Obama and shame?  Is Krauthammer losing it?) Comments »

Hit ’em and smile:

On CNN…..several commentators have noted in the last two hours how Obama just wants to hit Syria but not remove the regime, because doing so might bring worse people to power.

Watching CNN…..Incredible how every anchor and spokesperson are doing their best to support Obama on this war…..makes sense of course….when it is a leftist president using the military to hurt American interests, the Left is naturally in ecstasy…Jamie Glazov

Headscratcher: Are There ‘Secular’ Rebels in Syria?

Answer: yes of course. The Muslim Brotherhood is “Largely Secular”

CNN showing video after video of Syrian suffering.

……ok…..Just wondering though, where are all the videos of CNN bringing light to the Christians suffering barbarism and genocide throughout the Middle East? I just watched more attention to Syria in one hour than on the torture, rape and murder of Christians under Islamic persecution for years.

France PM Hollande Last European Who Still Supports a Syrian War | FrontPage Magazine
President Hollande of France is determined to fight until the last American.
How the Warmongering Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Chief Handles the Situation Room:
Witnesses Of Gas Attack Say Saudis Supplied Rebels With Chemical Weapons
Chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit:

Liberals Aghast as US’s “25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods” All Happen to be Black

But the real problem is “racism”.

“Violent crimes include murder, forcible rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. These neighborhoods are the epicenters of violence in America, where social issues are likely to ignite into violence and spread.”

Black Panther Indoctrination shows Results:

 “House Negro”

Progressive Professor’s Controversial Rant: Al Sharpton Is ‘Bonafide House Negro of the Obama Plantation’


Islamic Teaching: Non-Muslims Equal to Dogs


Among those familiar with the true teachings of Islam, it is well known that the life — or as articulated in Arabic, the “blood” — of an infidel, that is, a non-Muslim, is not equal to the life/blood of a Muslim.  Few know, however, that among some of  Islam’s respected hadith collections, the blood of a non-Muslim is no better than the blood of a dog.

(Dog-lovers should bear in mind that, in Islam, to be compared to a dog is about the worst and most degrading insult.)

Brother Rashid (a former Muslim turned Christian) recently discussed this during his Arabic-language show, Su’al Jari’(“Daring Question,” which I recently appeared on to discuss my book,Crucified Again).

According to a hadith recorded among other places in Sunan Ahmed (Hanbali jurisprudence) and Sunan al-Bayhaqi (Shafi’i jurisprudence), during the course of a discussion about non-Muslims, Caliph Omar al-Khattab — one of Sunni Islam’s “four righteous caliphs” —  declared “They are heathens, and the blood of one of them is [like] the blood of a dog.”

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  1. What?! Saudomite Prince, Bandar “BUSH” Bin Sultan helps Al-Quaeda make & use illegal chemical weapons in Syria to advance the Caliphate?

    Say it isn’t so, Martha!


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