Its complicated….

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“Terrified Irish Citizens Trapped in Cairo Mosque”

Turns out the three women and a teenager are children of the imam of Ireland’s biggest mosque in Dublin 

Islamic Supremacy & BS to the Bitter End

Muslim Brotherhood members want human rights workers to escort them out of the mosque they are holed up in for fear of humiliation upon leaving. “They demand a safe exit because they fear if they leave the mosque they will be arrested and humiliated. They want to go out in the presence of human rights representatives, media personnel….”

Egypt: Cairo tense as troops move to end mosque siege

Egypt’s security forces have entered a mosque in Cairo where around 1,000 Islamists spent the night barricaded inside. Nearly 100 people were killed on Friday in what the Muslim Brotherhood called a “Day of Rage”–From the Telegraph

 Egypt Hates Libtard Media

Very interesting statement from the Egyptian state castigating the Western pro-Ikhwan media

[…] Egypt is feeling severe bitterness towards some Western media coverage that is biased to the Muslim Brotherhood and ignores shedding light on violent and terror acts that are perpetrated by this group in the form of intimidation operations and terrorizing citizens let alone killing of innocent people and setting churches and public and private property on fire along with storming police stations and blocking roads and all other forms of thuggery and sabotage. […]  (Vlad Tepes)

Its complicated:

Crazy Quilt, Or, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, And Syria

The Saudi king announces that he backs the Egyptian military to the hilt, the same military that is fighting the Islamic Brotherhood (Ikhwan) because, the Egyptian premier announces, the Ikhwan represents “theological fascism.” Saudi Arabia itself is ruled by those who make alliances with, support, and purport to agree with, Islamic currents even more extreme, that is less nuanced or modified by time and local custom, than the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, in Syria, the Saudi king continues to support the Sunni Arabs allied with Al-Qaeda, and supplies them with arms and money. SHARE »

Who Rescues Endangered Christians? 

It’s pretty clear that in the midsts of the coming civil war in Egypt, the ancient population of Christian Copts is not going to fare well.  Many ancient churches were destroyed in the last few days. It’s going to get worse. There’s a good blog post about Copts in the Times of Israel:  SHARE »

The Mossad’s primary role (ever since it’s creation) has been the rescue of Jews from all over the world. Not intelligence gathering, not finding Nazis, not bumping off Iranian nuclear scientists: it’s done all those things too (probably) but along the way it rescues Jews.

Out of all the notionally Christian countries in the world, which one rescues or protects endangered Christians?

Just asking.  (Brian of London)


PuffHo BS On Steroids

PuHo blogger and PhD candidate Craig Considine has returned with more delusional thoughts on Islam:   ‘Jihad’ is not jihad, in “Islam, ‘jihad’ has several different components” including “personal struggles, such as the struggle against an addiction …Huffington Post blogger’s Islamophile Insanity Continues



Well worth watching the whole way through.

More than 7 million views for this 1948 cartoon. The greatest gift we have is freedom.

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Egyptian Civil War Begins. US Islamists Know Which Side They’re On - 

 Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the USA demand the Obama administration side with Mohammed Morsi’s autocratic, kidnapping, torturing, murdering Islamist freaks who poured gasoline on the raging inferno sometimes known as Egypt for over a year. Seriously, people; whether or not the US calls the ousting of Morsi a coup or not, there’s no question the State Department has the Brotherhood’s back. They were still handing over billions of dollars in aid, front-line battle tanks and jet fighters to Morsi’s Infidel-hating jihad lovers in Cairo right up until the army seized power. That’s in addition to covert and overt American aid to the jihadists in Pakistan, Syria, the Palestinian territories and wherever else Muslims are building their Caliphate.

Why protest when you’re already pretty much getting everything you want?  (The Propagandist has more)


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