Maradona, The MuBro Asylum Seekers & that Idiotic “Hijab Solidarity’ in Sweden

Hijab appeal’ campaign divides Sweden

Feminist ‘Hijab Solidarity’?


Europe is awash in dhimmitude, but Sweden is a case unto itself.

There’s something desperate and demented about the levels of dhimmitude on display in Ikea-land. In no other European country, moreover, is there so little pushback in the media.

As I wrote just yesterday, Sweden has the highest percentage of rapes in the Western world. And the problem is getting steadily worse. Given the progressive Swedish establishment’s fondness for earnest rhetoric about women’s rights, you might think this rape crisis would be a subject of deep concern in the nation’s media. But no – it’s a non-topic. It’s unmentionable. And for one reason: because everyone understands that the ever-increasing incidence of Swedish rapes is directly related to the ever-increasing number of Swedish Muslims. And in Sweden, you can’t talk critically about Islam. You just can’t – not publicly, anyway. When the subject is Islam, nothing is permitted other than the usual mindless multicultural mantras. (By )


“first they burn their bras, then they wear hijabs. These people are so stupid and childish I am afraid they cannot be helped” (-KitmanTV on the Swedish muslim sympathizers via Vlad)

“Everyone knows the Muslim Brotherhood and their honorable history”

Alternative reality.

Meanwhile, the rats flee to Britain  to hide:

Muslim Brotherhood leader Gomaa Amin is in hiding in London

The leader of a racist genocidal group systematically slaughtering Christians, apostates and non-Muslims is welcome in London, but Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are banned. It is no exaggeration to say  that the UK was not allowing them into the country solely because of their true and accurate statements about Islam; the British government was behaving like a de facto Islamic state.


MuBro’s take out  full-page color advertisement in the New York Times, which costs between $169,534 to $203,110 to post, a New York Times representative told Al Arabiya English.

The remarkable recovery of Husni Mubarak:

Meanwhile, Egypt’s ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak attended his trial Sunday on charges of inciting the murder of protesters, days after he was released from prison and placed under house arrest.


Maradona having too much fun in Dubai?

Diego Maradona currently resides in Dubai following the renewal of his agreement as an honorary sports ambassador for the city in July, reported Gulf News.


Maradona has been lambasted for his values, which have been deemed to be a world apart from Arab and Islamic morality. (Arab and Islamic morality? LOL!)

You can always blame the Jews!

Lots of Arabs are also being killed in Lebanon

Last week there were twin bombings in Tripoli, Lebanon, killing 47 people.

Even though the blasts were done against Sunni targets and the suspects have ties to the Syria regie, Iran blames - Israel!

Here’s the Obama (AQ) peace partners murdering Alawites on the side of the road:

Shock Vid of Terrorists Killing Syrians

New video posted on YouTube purports to show the graphic murder – execution style – of three Syrian truck drivers who did nothing more than belong  to a minority faith the local Al Qaeda affiliate does not like.


In the video, a small band of Islamist radicals with the Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) group is seen waving the tractor trailers off the side of an Iraqi road and then proceeds to interrogate the unsuspecting drivers about their prayer habits, trying to discover if they are Sunnis or members of the Alawite minority in Syria.


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