Obama stands by his Muslim Brothers

Anti-Obama hostility ramps Up in Egypt media blast American policies, protests decry his “support for terrorism”–Pamela Geller


Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama stands with his Muslim Brothers

Like he said he would.

Hussein Obama used a press statement Wednesday night to signal his growing support for Islamist political priorities in Turkey, Syria and Egypt. 

“They are cooperating to push Egypt, to force them, to threaten their aid, to get Muslim Brotherhood people back into the government,” said Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center. 

6a00d8341c60bf53ef01901eb9669b970b-500wiMedia Outlets Blast American Policies, Further Straining Ties

Opponents of ousted President Mohammed Morsi sit under anti-American banners in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Thursday, reflecting the increasing hostility toward the U.S. from a broad range of factions in Egypt.


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Friday Prayers, When Muslims Turn Into ‘Uncorked Animals’

Pro-Morsi Protesters Vandalize Christian Churches After Friday Prayers

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies were out in force yesterday.The protesters held a march after Friday prayers.

Then they tagged Christian churches with threatening graffiti.

Pro-Morsi Protesters Vandalize Christian Churches After Friday Prayers

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U.S. Foreign Policy Is ‘Definition of Insanity’

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Muslim Brotherhood Gunmen kill church pastor’s niece, 10, in Egypt church attack

Tabari VIII:141, “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: Kill! Kill! Kill!'”.

Christians Endangered in Ancestral Land  (The Commentator)

Muslims say theirs is a tolerant religion because conquered populations were  “allowed to live” under Islamic occupation. What will they say now? (TROP)

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The numbers show that Americans are working hard to create the same problems currently destroying Europe. (TROP

Taking the ‘Great’ Out of Great Britain  (Molschky)

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2 thoughts on “Obama stands by his Muslim Brothers”

  1. It appears that Egyptians who are protesting about Obama do not hate the American people, but are warning them about their President. This is very refreshing, compared to the usual US-bashing we see all around the world, including Australia.

  2. [Greets, Sheik. You may love this piece that I collided with on the web.]


    (Each human is part of this “River.” Are you an “oxbow lake”?)

    Islam, part of the Living River of History, affected even the 2012 US election!
    The “headwaters” of this River was Adam, according to Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.
    In the OT (Deut. 28), “tributaries” wanting to join the River are blessed while “distributaries” wanting to flow away from it are cursed. Those wishing to totally separate from the fresh Living River become polluted, dying “oxbow lakes.”
    In the OT we see Israelites repeatedly flowing away from God, then repenting and returning to Him; we also see heathen “oxbow lakes” creating their own little “gods” and being allowed by God to plunder and kill the erring Israelites.
    Then, at the right time, the Living River took on new life with the arrival of the Promised One who offers “living water.”
    In the 7th century Islam, drawing from both OT and NT, chose to be a distributary away from this River. Many scholars have viewed it as the final Antichrist: note “scourge” (Isa. 28), “Assyrian” (Mic. 5), “Euphrates” (Rev. 9) etc.
    God will allow this “scourge” to temporarily persecute and kill apostate Jews (JINOs) and Christians (CINOs). Jews, especially in “entertainment,” seem more expert in apostasy than Christians since Jews have been at it 2000 years longer than Christians have (Google “jewishfaces.com/porn.html”) – but Christians apparently want to catch up to the Jews!
    It’s apparent that others will join Islam in its end-time inquisition; its great oil wealth can captivate many leaders and already we’re seeing apostate American leaders being bribed into turning against true American patriots.
    Those who ignore (or try to dilute or destroy) the God-ordained Living River of History will be swept down it to an ocean made by their own never-ending tears of agony and despair.
    The good news is that American JINOs & CINOs can overcome the “scourge” discussed above. The secret is found by checking out “II Chronicles 7:14” & “John 3:16” on the web.
    There’s still time – and freedom – to Google or MSN “Obama Promotes Public Sex,” “Obama a Black-Slavery Avenger?,” “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right,” “Pretrib Rapture Politics,” “Mikey Weinstein, Jesus-Basher,” “Christ’s return is NOT imminent,” “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy,” “Pretrib Rapture Pride,” and (for dessert) “Pretrib Rapture Stealth.”
    In light of Matthew 7:2, if we tolerate Christian leaders who lie to us and steal from us, we shouldn’t be surprised if God allows us to have political leaders who lie to us and steal from us!

    A Kansas Patriot (who won FIRST PLACE over 2200 entrants in a nationwide Americanism essay contest)

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