Saudis accuse maids of ‘witchcraft’ to cheat them out of their wages….

Soddy Barbarians cheat maid servants out of their wages by accusing them of witchcraft

How Saudi Islamic Law Uses Magic to Cheat Foreign Workers Out of their Wages

 Witch hunting in the Muslim world isn’t some sort of metaphor. It’s as serious there as the war on drugs here is.

Atlantic has an in depth piece on the latest developments in Saudi Arabia’s witch hunts. And an example of how cries of “She’s a witch” are used by Saudi employers to cheat their foreign maids out of their wages and in some cases their lives.– By /Frontpage

The Rape of Captured Women/Slave Girls

“Rape  creates an atmosphere of love and harmony between the slave girl and her master”

Islam ensured that the slave girl’s duties were not restricted merely to domestic chores but also gave her master permission to copulate with her. This concession created an atmosphere of love and harmony between the slave girl and her master. Islam thereby raised the status of the war captive-maidens close to that of wives. It was a psychological cure to her grief-stricken heart, being deprived of her family and thrown into the hands of a strange society.  (more )

Raping Slave Women is an Act of Kindness

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The Sowdis withhold support

“The Egyptian people are astounded,”

wrote Coptic Egyptian author Michael Armanious in an article titled “Egyptians Bewildered Over Support for the Muslim Brotherhood,” published by the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council. “They simply do not understand the Obama Administration’s efforts to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power.” (source)

The Middle East Explained In One Excellent Letter To The Editor

The letter ran in Thursday’s Financial Times.


From the Institute of Tolerance and Diversity, Tblisi/Georgia

Culling hundreds of millions of humans through vaccination?

Louis Gohmert is wondering how Libs can agree to that: