Sheik yer’mami needs a break

This blog needs to be repaired, badly. It is full of bugs and takes ages to load.

In the meantime, please go to  Moe’s Jihad News for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks, but the jihad continues even in cyberspace.

In other news:

U.S. Shuts All Embassies in Muslim Countries

Not to worry, we all know that Islam is a Religion of Peace:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is shuttering its embassies and consulates throughout the Muslim world on Sunday after receiving an unspecified threat, officials said.

Obama sets up “Truth Team” to dispel lies about Obama agenda

Sounds very Islamic to me.

OFA Asks Obamabots To Join The “Truth Team” To Help Dispel “Lies” About Obama’s Agenda… WZ


New Benghazi Details Revealed in Bombshell CNN Report: ‘Unprecedented’ Effort Underway to Keep Secrets From Leaking


  • “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.”–Read More »

Devout Muslim Fort Hood jihad mass murderer Nidal Hasan renounces U.S. citizenship  (Pamela Geller)

He didn’t renounce his salary package. Believe it or not, the SOB is still getting his salary as a cornel in the U.S. Army.

His allegiance now is to the global umma. How many other citizens of the global umma do we have in our midst and in our military? And since he did this on October 18, 2012, why are we only hearing about it now?

Fort Hood jihad mass murderer Nidal Hasan renounces U.S. citizenship Jihadwatch August 1, 2013


His loyalty is and always has been to the umma, the global Muslim community. How many perpetrators of “workplace violence” renounce their U.S. citizenship in the lead-up to their trial? How long is the U.S. government’s self-defeating charade of denial of the reality of jihad and Islamic supremacism going to continue?

“Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood Shooting Suspect, Renounces Citizenship,” from the Associated Press, August 1

Jew-hatin’ Obama appointee Samantha Powers gets UN seat:

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  1. “Sheik yer’mami needs a break”

    Come back soon ! Vlad Tepes seems to be down atm also.

    BUT, in the end we will win – even if we have to wait until they all blow themselves up with that “explosive sodomy 4 allah” caper.

  2. We’ve had to take our blog down a few times for major software upgrades and for migration to higher capacity servers. Might as well bite the bullet, so to speak, and get it done.

  3. We all need a break, so take care. And I am glad you are going to look into the website needing fixing. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Go for it Sheik, rejuvenate your site and fight on.

    Thanks for alerting us to stories, that otherwise we would never beware of or hear about without your diligent work.

    Fight on.

  5. Don’t take too long a break! After I’d slogged through the worst of the 3,000 page sharia manuals I was translating into modern fonts and modern English, for re-publication purposes, I took what I thought would be a short but much-deserved break, and then I let the whole thing slide for months; it’s hard getting back up on the camel’s hump once you’ve managed to get off!

    All the best, Sheik, with your new servers and ISP!


  6. We all need to recharge our batteries now and again. Come back stronger, you’re doing a great job.

  7. I have really missed you for som time now, Sheik, this is the coolest and funniest blog, yet full of important news and interesting articles. Hope you’ll be back with re-strengthened energy soon!

  8. Sheik,

    Please come back quickly! This is by far my favourite pro-freedom blog. I read you at least once a day. It’s actually the ONLY site I look at daily.

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