Breeding, inbreeding, overbreeding:

Egypt Itself Is Unsustainable

In 1950 Egypt had a little over 20 million people. Now it has more than quadrupled, to 86 million people. And by 2020, it is likely to have 120 million people.

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But Egypt today can support, decently, only the population it had in 1950 — 20 million people.

It might get by, for a while, with steady infusions of Gulf Arab money — tens of billions, which Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Kuwait can well afford. But that will sipmly pay for the wheat that must be imported. What about the growing desertification of Egypt, which is unstoppable, and is being hastened, all over North Africa, by global warming. And when the Ethiopians decide not only to use the waters of the Nile to produce energy, but possibly divert it to agricultural purposes, then what? Will Egypt attack Ethiopia? How is that projection of power likely to go, and what will the states of black Africa, or their supporters in Europe, do in return?

Egypt has about 60 million people it cannot support forever, with more being produced every day.  There is no answer to this.

By  Hugh Fitzgerald


Obama Administration “Warns” Egypt Not To Crack Down On The Ikhwan

This crazed policy is reported at Reuters here.

Hosni Mubarak’s Release from Jail and his Muslim Brotherhood Prophecy

What Egypt got was a free and fair election of Muhammad Morsi of The Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and  Justice  Party, who immediately imposed a new Islamic Emirate in Cairo, crafting a Shariah laden Constitution, oppressing Journalists; in effect creating  a new Islamic autocracy.  Morsi took his election as confirmation of his role as the Emir in Cairo beavering away creating a new Caliphate that held a show trial for an aging and imprisoned Mubarak.

The backlash in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood echoes protests in Turkey and Tunisia

And the invasion of Europe continues apace:

The ABC’s leftist hack Emma Alberici praises Italy for not turning back the boats:

The numbers of people trying to reach Italy have more than doubled in the first half of this year (7,800) compared to January to June 2012 (3,500) but the death toll has fallen to 40. (Drum)