We now have English owners!

Chip shop owner caught in “racism row” after buying out east Asian managers

Daily Mail

  • Paul Bradbury is defiant about sign and claims he’s not racist
  • The shop was previously owned by English people of Asian descent
  • He says English people cook better fried fish than someone foreign
  • But locals claim it should not matter who the shop is owned by

As you can see, the madness is progressive. It has now reached the state of terminal illness. Why a man should be vilified, intimidated and threatened for stating proudly that he is an Englishman is beyond me.

A Fish & Chips shop advertising  “English Owners” causes muselmanic grievance theatre, threats and cries of “racism”- in England!

A chip shop boss has insisted he’s not racist after putting up a banner boasting that the business now had ‘English owners’.

Mr Bradbury said he has received two threatening phone calls from people calling him racist.

The dhimmi establishment springs into action:

Mayor of Padiham, Coun Vincent Pridden said: ‘I don’t think it’s a very positive message to be putting out in the community. If it’s causing upset, the council should look into it.’

Pridden is after the Paki vote. That is obvious.


3 thoughts on “We now have English owners!”

  1. Disingenuous hypocrites.

    More anti-English crack down in England by the governing elite.

    My local chippy in London was owned and run by Turks.
    Turkish flags and evil eyes everywhere whilst serving the local English dishes.

    Personally, I appreciated the identifiers, as it was the impetus for the reason I stopped going there.

    I would ask where is the offense and outrage for being subjected to the flaunting of the cultural identity of foreign nationals in environments that are historically English in origin, but in the Neo-Communist world indigenous population bad. Foreign peasants of poor education good.

  2. Sometime ago some chap was vilified for flying a Union Jack outside his house.
    The arrant nonsense of “Political Correctness” should be interpreted as criminal.
    It’s dogma trumping common sense!

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