With BS against reality; with kumbaya against islam?

Hijabbery in Wellington


 Open day at Kilbirnie Mosque on Saturday

 Now can you talk to Muslims, learn about Islam, and see what is beneath the minaret but you can also:

  • Try on Muslim clothing – how DO you tie a hijab? ..  More bridges for sale at Wellington.Scoop via Mullah

With BS against reality; with utopianism against islam

Rapid worldwide growth for Jewish-Muslim alliance

On the peace-train  with brown lipstick and kumbaya juice:

“to build mutual understanding by dispelling myths and stereotypes.”

It only works when we keep reality out of it:

In his Jewish-Muslim work, Sichrovsky steers clear of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its well-known ability to polarize individuals at the expense of potential cooperation.

Sichrovsky believes in the fraudulent  pseudo science called ‘conflict resolution’ which he calls  ‘conflict transformation’. Islamic propaganda is taken on board unquestioned, just like the Fatiha, the opening prayer that curses Jews and Christians.

‘We aim to tackle Islamophobia and anti-Semitism both within and outside our communities’–Sichrovsky

Taking a look at the Islamic scriptures would be a fundamental ingredient for his cooking class. But Sichrovsky won’t go there. That would spoil his ‘interfaith’ soup. (More)

Ilja-Sichrovsky-with-Bill-Clinton-195x293Needless to mention that Sichrovsky and his organization get support from the usual suspects: the Klintoons! (Did anyone mention Soros yet? Tony BLiar can’t be far either….)

Muslim soldiers in English schools? Pedos in your children’s undies?

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