But the real problem is “global warming”

Some call it “climate change”, but in Rio the climate racketeers came straight out and called it “climate justice”.

The Blogosphere has had quite a collective chuckle this weekend at the tweets of Eric Holthaus, a former Wall Street Journal weatherman now employed by an Internet start-up. As Oscar Wilde would say, it would take a heart of stone not to roar with laughter at the eco-apocalyptic meltdowns.–‘I’ve Never Cried Because of a Science Report Before’


The Indo’s are taking Australia for a ride. Although its them that created the “boatpeople” problem, and it is their police and military that aids and abets the muselmanic invasion of Australia, they are now trying to  squeeze the freshly elected Abbott government for huge amounts of jiziya. There is much blather about “respect” and “mutual responsibility”.

Former coalition foreign minister Alexander Downer has delivered a scathing rebuttal to the Indonesian government, saying it’s their country’s boats that are breaching Australia’s sovereignty.

“Indonesian flagged boats with Indonesian crews are breaking our laws bringing people into our territorial waters. Their people, their boats, their crews are breaching our sovereignty,” he said. “Indonesians need to understand that, instead of a lot of pious rhetoric about the Australian government threatening their sovereignty.”

Indonesia military implicated in deaths of asylum seekers


Members of the Indonesian military have been implicated in a fatal people-smuggling operation that may have killed up to 30 children.

The asylum seeker boat got into trouble last week and broke into pieces just off the south Java coast.

Survivors said Indonesian soldiers helped ferry them to the coast where the doomed boat was waiting.

“The army took us,” one survivor said.

“The army was driving the cars.”

As many as 50 people are either dead or still missing, most of them children.

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