Did the British “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite lead the attack in Kenya?

Pamela Geller:

The media is aligned with the jihad force so expect little coverage of what’s germane to the story. It’s up to you to get the word out. Facebook, tweet and email it.The facts are American Muslims took up arms to slaughter non-Muslims at an upscale shopping mall in Kenya, American Muslims joined a multi-national force of Muslims to wage holy war in Kenya, hostages and victims  were told “all Muslims leave… we only want to kill non-Muslims”: (they released anyone who could prove they were Muslim by reciting a prayer), they attackedAmerican and Jewish shops, women and children were slaughtered if they could not recite the Koran, the jihadis cut the hands off the bodies of their victims and burned their faces.

Gen. Julius Karangi, chief of Kenya Defense Forces, also said the attackers came from different countries.

“We have an idea who these people are, and they are clearly a multinational collection from all over the world,” he told reporters in Nairobi. “This is not clearly a local event. We are fighting global terrorism here.”– More

Has British ‘White Widow’ been killed in final assault on Kenyan shopping mall? Officials say body of white woman terrorist found at scene

article-2429784-1835C5B800000578-752_964x653‘White widow’: Weight has been added to the theory that Samantha Lewthwaite, the fugitive widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, was behind the attack

Terror raid ‘led by white widow’: Gang mastermind in veil barked orders at gunmen in mall massacre that left three Britons dead

  • Samantha Lewthwaite – widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay – wanted by Kenyan police on terror charges
  • Officials said three Islamist extremists had died during attempts to free their hostages from the Nairobi mall
  • One said to be a white woman – adding weight to theory that Lewthwaite was behind attack that has killed 62
  • Downing Street said at least six of the dead are British and warned there was ‘potential for further bad news’
  • Three US citizens part of the group that attacked the mall, according to Kenya’s foreign minister Amina Mohamed

Some good pic’s here from the Daily Mail

The goal is totalitarian, their methods pure bigotry.

Wherever they operate,  Muslim hardliners spread intolerance, by Manzoor Moghal

We should not pretend that the loud-voiced grievances of the jihadists throughout the world have a shred of justification. The focus of their supposed victimhood varies — they blame anything from American foreign policy to the plight of the Palestinians — but their real aim is the same. They want to establish a Muslim caliphate across the world, where Islam and sharia law reign supreme. In this religious empire, there is no room for dissent or democracy, no space for compromise or conciliation.– Veils, segregated schools and why we risk sowing the seeds of Islamic terror in Britain

We don’t risk sowing the seeds of Mohammedan terror, Muslims carry within them  Islamic terror. Moghal may indeed be a ‘moderate’ Muslim, but the only thing British infidels are guilty of in this case is their ignorance.

article-2429784-182FD76700000578-689_964x656Militants inside Westgate Shopping Centre have threatened to kill the remaining hostages as Kenyan security personnel try to end the siege (pictured)

Meanwhile, back in Israel:

2 rockets, one mortar fired towards Israel yesterday