Free Speech, “Islamophobia” and Robert Spencer on the Michael Coren Show

Watch Clarion Project’s clip about CAIR’s extremist ideology, carefully hidden from the public eye.

Report: CAIR Engaged in Money-Laundering to Hide Foreign Donors

CAIR, a shadowy Muslim Brotherhood entity, faces serious allegations that it has violated IRS laws & the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that portrays itself as a “moderate” representative of the Muslim-American community, has a complex,  illegal scheme to hide its foreign financing, according to a blockbuster expose in the Daily Caller.

Somali-American tried to stop Al-Shabaab jihad recruitment in U.S., so Hamas-linked CAIR called him an “Islamophobe”

AbdirizakBihifeature.jpgThe Islamophobic Bihi

Yet more indication of which side Hamas-linked CAIR is really on: “Somali-American leader: ‘I tried to warn America’ about homegrown radicalization,'” by Charles C. Johnson in the Daily Caller, September 23 (thanks to JW):

The Council on American Islamic Relations repeatedly tried to stop a Minnesota community leader from warning about the dangers al-Qaida-linked group posed to the Somali-American community prior to the Kenyan mall massacre.

Robert Spencer on the Michael Coren Show:

Last week while I was in Canada, I stopped by Sun TV’s studios and for the first time did my weekly spot on Michael Coren’s show while face-to-face with Michael. Then on the way out of the studio I bumped into Ezra Levant. It was a fine day in the midst of a marvelously successful speaking trip in Canada.

Some good news from down under:

Abbott is just making free speech free. As in: no cost to you

Andrew Bolt

A note to the hyperventilating and hypocritcal Left. As Nick Cater points out, Tony Abbott is not silencing debate, but privatising it:

Under Tony Abbott, there will be zero tolerance for evangelism on the public purse on anthropogenic global warming or any other matter…

Labor returned to power in 2007 with a somewhat romantic view of the state, believing that its instruments could be used to teach its citizens how to behave. From teenage binge-drinking to finding the cheapest place for petrol, the all-benevolent hand of the federal government was where wisdom would reside. The Coalition has come to power with the philosophical momentum running its way. The successful application of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to censure columnist Andrew Bolt was chilling at the time, but it now appears the case was not the dawning of a new illiberal era but the point at which the Left’s castigatory tendencies went a step too far…

Last year, when former attorney-general Nicola Roxon attempted to reframe anti-discrimination legislation to enshrine the right not to be offended, she had a fight on her hands… In March, the government backed away from legislation regulating the press not because it had come to its senses but because it had lost the argument..

In government, the Coalition intends to push back the intrusive incursions of the state on multiple fronts.

4 thoughts on “Free Speech, “Islamophobia” and Robert Spencer on the Michael Coren Show”

  1. yes indeedy,

    Abbott is a breath of fresh air after these lefty bastards, who think the answer to all of Oz’s problems is more government interference.

    If Abbott wants to save even more money- let me suggest:

    1. Privatise SBS and the ABC. – Sink or swim, i couldn’t care less.
    2. Shut down government sponsered multiculturalism.
    3. Weed out leftists wherever possible in positions of influence.
    4. Shut down lefty bullshit- like ‘Harmony Day’ events etc.,

    1. That’s a good list. It could be extended as needed. Especially ABC and SBS needs to go. They act as if the demise of Labor was a national disaster. The leftist spin on everything is intolerable.

  2. Propositions 1, 2 & 4 are sound and doable.

    1. Privatization of the ABC and SBS should involve forcing every single employee including technical and administrative ones (many have those positions due to “connections”) into redundancy and obliging them to re-apply for their jobs if they wish.

    2. All government funding for programs and funding for NGOs pushing a multicultural agenda should cease forthwith.

    4. Harmony Day should be replaced with “History Day” where schoolchildren can learn and celebrate major historical events and figures that have been critical in the development and preservation of Western Civilisation: such as the defeat of the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna in 1683

    Proposition 3, however desirable, is impossible as Australia is a free and democratic society governed by the rule of law.

    I would add to the list a major investigation into welfare fraud targeting the adherents of one particular religion as identified by their names, ie anybody with Mohammed (and variants thereof), Ahmed, etc in their name. The savings in unemployment benefits ( working on the black in restaurants, shops, driving taxis), disability pensions (bogus mental health incapacity claims are rife) and solo parent benefits (ie, divorced under Australian civil law but remaining married under Islamic law) would be spectacularly vast.

    I would also outlaw marriages between first cousins and, ideally, deprive those already in such marriages of all government benefits including Medicare.

  3. J.o.M
    Actually position 3 is indirectly doable – simply publish and tell all about these “social engineers” – let the public decide. Since mohammedans are significant perpetrators of social fraud your other point is welcome.

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