“Hocus Pocus”


Melbourne Koranimals Celebrate 9/11 Attacks With Da’awa, Lies & BS

The Islamic Research and Educational Academy, which regularly holds dawah stalls in the city on weekends, intends to have tables outside the Victorian State Library and on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets to combat “Islamophobia”.

“We call out for all our Brothers and Sisters to join us in our effort to clear the distorted image of ISLAM and fulfil the obligation of doing DAWAH.”

“Kill Tony Abbott”

Tony Abbott hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already Australian democracy enthusiasts are calling for his assassination. They’re so cute when they’re angry. (Tim Blair: THE SEETHING BEGINS)

“Hocus Pocus”

Whiplash: “Hocus Pocus” Obama going to the UN on Syria (Geller)

A few days ago, Hussein Obama himself described the UN process as “hocus pocus.” In a startling reversal, Tuesday,  the president agreed to “discussions at the United Nations Security Council on a proposal from Russia to secure Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.”

The Russian “proposal” was to say yes to Secretary of State John Kerry’s “major goof” when he floated a never-going-to-happen hypothetical about Syria giving up its chemical weapons. Just as quickly as the State Department took Kerry’s statement back, Russia seized on Kerry’s blunder and said “yes” to the hypothetical.

Obama has now been checkmated by Russia to a point where he has now agreed to engage in some United Nations “hocus pocus.”

Syrian farce:

Obama shows exactly not how to lead



Erdogan: Rejection of Istanbul as host of 2020 Olympic games was “cutting ties with the 1.5-billion-people Muslim world”

Of course. Any time an Islamic supremacist like Erdogan doesn’t get his way, it must be because of “Islamophobia.”  –“Erdogan says Istanbul rejection as 2020 host was unfair,” from Reuters, September 9:

German report says Assad repeatedly rejected requests from his commanders to use chemical weapons

Obama continues to act as if he has already made his case that Assad used chemical weapons. He hasn’t even actually begun. “Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons, German paper says,” by Matthew Schofield for McClatchy, September 10:

BERLIN — Syrian President Bashar Assad has repeatedly rejected requests from his field commanders for approval to use chemical weapons, according to a report this weekend in a German newspaper.

29% of released Guantanamo detainees have returned to jihad

And why not? Nothing is done at Guantanamo to make them change their views on anything. Guards handle the Qur’an with gloves to avoid offending the Muslims who believe that infidels are too unclean to touch it. The puzzle here is why the percentage is so low. “More Former Guantanamo Bay Detainees Return To Terrorism,” by Jeryl Bier for the Weekly Standard, September 9:(JW)

Syrian troops launch offensive to retake jihadist-held Christian village

But if Obama gets his way, we’ll be stopping the Syrian troops soon and letting the jihadis do whatever they want with the Christians.

“Syrian troops launch offensive to retake rebel-held Christian village, activists say,” from the Associated Press, September 9: (JW)


DC Grants 9/11 Permit to Anti-American Muslims, Denies it to Patriotic Bikers 

 “This Ride Only event has been denied.”




CBS Reporter: Kerry Tells Congress He Won’t Make Benghazi Survivors Available for Questioning, Subpoenas Could Be Coming

“…will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning”–Read More »

‘We Just Got Played’: Shep Smith’s Brutal Summary of What Just Happened in the Syria Conflict