Indo’s Demand Jiziya, Mock Australia’s “Boat-Phobia”


A message from Geoff:

  • On the news last night boat people claim the Indonesian military drove some people to the boats. (We have no reason to doubt this).
  •  So we have people who are not refugees (as they are not threatened in Indonesia), being driven to Indonesian ports by Indonesian military to board Indonesian boats crewed by Indonesians.
  • The boat sinks in Indonesian waters and wreckage lands on Indonesian beaches.
And it is Australia’s problem how?
Letters to Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop are in order:
STOP paying the Jizyah Tax to Indonesia!
  • Australian funding Madrassas to teach Indonesian children that we are infidels who must be killed is not a great idea.
  • And Indonesia buying cattle properties in Australia so they can ritually abuse and mistreat our livestock should be banned.

Abbott blamed for not saving a boat now lying on an Indonesian beach

Yes, these drownings are a tragedy, but the attempts to blame Tony Abbott for a boat sinking so close to Indonesia that the wreckage lies on the shore is as astonishing as it is despicable.

Some are already seeking to suggest that the Abbott Government let the boat people drown – a foul smear last tried on the Howard Government:

If any country’s authorities are to blame, it is not Australia’s.


Boat quarrel must not turn friend into foe

Lovina Soenmi, Tommy Apriando and Duma Tato Sanda

The Sydney Moonbat Herald tells us that the ‘boat-people’ racket has nothing to do with Indonesia, its entirely Australia’s problem. Damage done to the environment, like  palm plantations, mining and logging of native forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan is our problem too. For the rampant corruption (Indonesia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world) we are not directly to blame, but we should make it our problem. Why  should you and other Australians care about that? Well, we are neighbours and we always will be. (We are here and we are here to stay, get over it, infidel!)

Keep he jiziya coming! Things we should be concerned with:

An Indonesian woman is 30 times more likely to die in childbirth than an Australian woman and 120 million Indonesians live on less than $2 a day, AusAID notes on its website. We are sure that’s why Australia’s aid budget is so generous to Indonesia. We appreciate that the $647 million allocated this financial year is a lot and we thank you. Will it continue?

Billions for Islamic indoctrination:

Australia’s program to build or improve 2000 schools will increase access for 300,000 students. It will help moderate Islamic schools (?)  to provide education consistent with national standards and exams. And your country’s scholarship program aims to fund more than 500 Indonesian postgraduate students in Australia next year.

Can’t send back the boats, because that’s an impediment to the da’awa:

You, Australia, wants to send us  boats full of refugees, which is ”unacceptable” and ”burden shifting”…There are many issues beyond boats – be they the boats you like or the boats you don’t like. We’re sure you won’t let your selective boat-phobia get in the way….