“Jews invented the cell-phone to keep Muslims from praying…”

Now you know.

More on the Nairobi Terror Attack:

 “All Muslims leave, we only want to kill non-Muslims!”  (BNI)

Dutch embassy employee Rob Vandijk said he had been eating at a restaurant in the shopping mall when gunmen threw hand grenades inside the building. People began to scream and drop to the ground, he said, as machine gun fire rang out across the busy mall.


Video: French diplomat punching IDF soldier in the face

She must be bonking an Arab.

And then, according to some, lies her derriere off and claims to be the victim. Too bad about the videos. (BCF)

In other news:
Don’t focus on the murderous savages, just look at all the good mustards who help carry the corpses out:
 All I really want is sell them the ticket for the ride…..
They actually BELIEVE this garbage !!!
Black Power Turd Vows to Bring Whitey Down




Jews invented the cell phone to keep Muslims from praying. Who knew? (BNI)


Muslim clerics warn of ‘unrest’ (like Beslan?) over court-ordered ban of quran translation

Rights campaigners said that the decision, which will apply nationwide unless it is overturned on appeal, comes dangerously close to banning the quran itself.  (I’m really wondering who these “rights campaigners” are…)

This is interesting:

 An educational film “Miracles of the Quran” has been declared extremist in Russia. Now this film is banned and one watching it could lead to prison. In addition, the chapters of the quran, 32. The Prostration and 50. The Letter, as well as the booklets, “The purpose of life of a Muslim”, “Transcription of the verses of the System of Islam”, Islam – a system of life, society and state” and several other publications, are forbidden. The most notable is the prohibition of the chapters of the quran. And this is just the beginning. There is no doubt that sooner or later the entire quran will be banned in Russia.

2 thoughts on ““Jews invented the cell-phone to keep Muslims from praying…””

  1. The shooting in Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya

    [And if I have Sheikh Yermami’s attention, the biggest sociophobe/Islamophobe on the internet, that can only be a good thing.]

  2. Ha. The truth is nobody really gives a shit about Muslims.

    Everything we invent and create in the West is for our own pleasure. No one really cares about a bunch of backwards nihilist -what they think or do.

    To get any attention you have to force yourselves upon us a la the shooting in Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya, 9/11, 7/7, etc., etc.

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