Is every mosque a brothel?

Australia says “NO” to White Refugees

On the 9th of August 2013 a petition with 26 437 signatures requesting the Australian Government to consider granting asylum to white South African refugees was delivered to the Minister of Immigration Parliament House Canberra.  (Boy oh boy, we sure have come a long way…..)

 One Nation candidate gets death threats, government yawns:

From the Religion of Peace:

Dutch Policewoman Guarding Geert Wilders Tied to Radicals…

Military Policewoman Suspended for Suspected Ties to Radical Islam Was Guarding Dutch Royal Family, Geert Wilders and Handling Airport Security

An officer of the military police at Schiphol is suspended for fear that she constitutes a threat to national security. The Ministry of Defense has withdrawn a Certificate of No Objection to the woman.

Its because we pay them the most:

Just following the perfect man:

Why wait for Moe’s bordello in the sky?

Imam Runs Underage Prostitu-tion Ring from French Mosque…

France: Imam of “Light of God” mosque was running prostitution ring using sex slaves

Imam on the right, his son on the left

Abdeslam Bahiad, director of the mosque “Light of God” in Orange, is still suspected of having been in charge of a network of prostitution in the Vauclusian city. With his three sons, this man, today aged 58, is said to have prostitued several young Moroccan girls in the 400m² villa and dozen or so apartments that his family owned. The girls, aged between 14 and 25, according to information from our sources, are said to have been reduced to a state of slavery, being beaten, raped and not paid or paid very little. “The girls were recruited in Morocco, and made to believe they’d get a real job in France for €7000 to €9000,” it was explained.

Source: LaProvence

Strange Societies

UN report: Societies that traditionally give men power over women create rapists…

They manage to avoid the I and M words. Of course. But it is still a direct attack on Islamic cultures and Muslim men’s sexual behaviour. Please note that the countries (Australia, Britain, Norway and Sweden) funding the report all have major problems with Muslim rapists.

European News Roundup      Thursday, September 12, 2013   Holger Danske/Europe News

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