Syria: why are we fighting for al Qaeda?

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Video: Al-Qaeda attacks two Syrian churches to cries of ‘Thank God!’

So that’s who we are?

Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. ‘Liberates’ Syria

al-Qaeda terrorists eagerly await U.S. assistance against the Syrian government, so they can subjugate if not slaughter Syria’s Christians, secularists, and non-Muslims — even as the Obama administration tries to justify war on Syria by absurdly evoking the “human rights” of Syrians on the one hand, and lying about al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria on the other.  (Raymond Ibrahim)

Iran-backed militias in Iraq threaten attacks on Amerian interests if U.S. strikes Syria

Remember, these are the Shi’ites, the people we spent billions and paid in blood to bring to political power in Iraq. “Iran-backed militias in Iraq threaten attacks if U.S. strikes Syria,”— JW

This is Mohammedan Warfare:

Iran threatens mass abductions and murders of US citizens worldwide and rape and murder of one of Obama’s daughters if US attacks Syria

Good thing the new Iranian president is a “moderate,” eh? “Iran threatens brutal attacks on Americans, Obama family if US hits Syria,” by Reza Kahlili in the Daily Caller, September 5 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Syria: Al-Qaeda seizes Christian village that still speaks ancient language of Christ, smashes statue of Mary, threatens villagers to convert to Islam

The latest antics of the people we will be aiding militarily in Syria. “Syria crisis: al-Qaeda seizes village that still speaks the ancient language of Christ,” by Ruth Sherlock and Magdy Samaan in the Telegraph, September 5

Free Syrian Army FSA “Moderates’ Behead 24 Passengers on Bus, Including a Mother and Her 40-day old baby…

More of John McCain’s “moderates” and Obama’s rebels. America should be backing the Christians, Kurds and religious minorities. Obama’s half-assed military strike is madness. FSA Muslim Terrorists Behead 24 Passengers on Bus to Include a Mother and Her 40-day old Baby Sharia Unveiled….

U.S. military cut ties to Syrian opposition leader because of his links to jihad terror

Not to worry, the opposition is “largely secular”….


2 thoughts on “Syria: why are we fighting for al Qaeda?”

  1. So why is Obama supporting these goons????!!! I hope you Americans can control this second rate community advisor!!! If you don’t, a lot of people will pay a great deal and you can be sure that obama and his goons (clintoons included) will get away scott free.

  2. @kaw, guessing, O. is helping his MB dominate and create a caliphate across the ME.

    Although, the new government in Egypt recently told Turkey, you will never control the Arab world.

    I just want to know where the thousand and thousands of antiwar protestors are? The fact that they are so silent when there is a Democrat in the WH, shows they have very little moral principles and it really wasn’t about War in Iraq, but they were really protesting against Bush.


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