America’s Imaginary Friends & the Enemy Within

When was the last time you heard about the “humanity of the Taliban?”

Pakistan: Muslim group issues fatwa targeting journalists as “enemies of the mujahideen”

Robert Spencer mentions quite a few of them. But the most important one is missing: al BeBeeCeera’s Lyse Doucet, remember? The one who praised the “humanity of the Taliban?”

Navy Seal Claims Top Brass Asked if They Will Disarm Americans


Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order troops to fire on Americans.   Smith provoked headlines last week when he appeared on Fox News to assert that the federal government was trying to provoke veterans into violence as an excuse to implement martial law. (source)

And another one:

Afghan soldier attacks “allies,” one NATO soldier wounded

America continues to pour out her blood and treasure for this repressive pseudo-ally, with no clear objective or mission in view other than a never-defined “victory.”

“Lucky shot” was inside job:

The enemy within:

 Grover, the muselmanic thug:

Sucking up to Mohammedans, how’s that working for ya, America?

How’s It Going For American Coddling Of Its Muslim Imaginary Friends? 

Here are details about the nearly-$5 billion arms deal Iraq just signed with Russia. The venture to remove “a brutal dictator” and bring prosperity, and encourage national unity (with endless talk about the non-existent “Iraqi people” as now of the similarly non-existent “Syrian people”) cost nearly 5,000 Americans their lives, another 30,000 are condemned to lives of permanent severe disability, and two trillion dollars was spent.

Here are details about Saudi Arabia‘s declared shift away from the United States, a country that has protected it, militarily, for decades, and entered the Gulf War largely to protect Saudi oilfields from Saddam Hussein. And during all of these decades, the Americans never minded the Saudi who said of American airmen that he “could summon his blue-eyed slaves,” nor the contumely with which the Saudis treated the Americans on the spot, including cases of baseless arrest and torture of American citizens. And all the while the Ameicans recieved no benefits in oil pricing, for the Americans have always had to pay the market price, the same price, as China, or any other oil-consuming nation. But this, for some reason, was hidden from view, in a constant fog of talk about “our Saudi ally” and “how important it is not to anger our Saudi ally.”

Here are details about the nuclear deal Pakistan has just made with China, violating the trust placed in it by the United States, but happy to pocket the nearly $2 billion in American aid that has just been announced will be given. No doubt that money makes possible the payments — China is charging full price for those reactors — that Pakistan will have to make to China. China is happy. Pakistan is happy. Quaere: why is the American government not sick to its stomach, and not willing to cancel that aid?

Posted by Hugh Fitzgerald

What Has Happened To Non- Muslims Since 1947 In Hideous Pakistan 

Pakistan, “friend and ally” and constant recipient of American aid, no matter how many times someone — Congress, for example, with the Pressler Amendment –tries to force some recognition of Pakistan’s meretriciousness in the State Department, and the Pentagon, whose generals were for decades so  impressed with those fly-whisking ramrod-straight terry-thomas-mustachioed Pakistani generals, whom one could trust, who were so much less oily, such straight shooters, than the krishna-menon bandung-boys of India who kept letting the Soviet Union build them steel mills –and weren’t those Pakistani generals to keep assuring the Americans  that “Islam is a bulwark against Communism”?

Here’s a bit of that Pakistani reality that John Kerry, for example, might study and commit to memory.

Screaming Muslim Mob Attacks Mumbai War Memorial – Waving Paki Flags (GWP)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 25, 2013

A Muslim mob screaming “Allahu Akbar!” attacked a war memorial in Mumbai, India and waved Pakistani flags.
Via Tarek Fatah:

Muslim Mob goes Mad in Mumbai from Tarek Fatah on Vimeo.
The screaming and shouting aside, the use of sexually explicit profanities being hurled at non-Muslim Indians by this mob while chanting ‘Allah O Akbar’, should embarrass any Muslim who watches this video, but will it? On top of that, waving the Pakistani flag while attacking an Indian War Memorial is despicable by any measure of human behaviour.