Another Misbehaving Muslim Doctor….

Just goes to show that the Mohammedan mental baggage is never left behind in the dar-ul Islam, but makes its adherents to beasts, wherever they are:

Trainee neurosurgeon took intimate pictures of women A&E patients on his mobile while examining them claiming he was using the phone to ‘time their breathing’

  • Suhail Ahmed, 28, admitted voyeurism and sexual assault by touching
  • All female victims were in the 20s, Exeter Crown Court heard
  • Suspended from Torbay Hospital, Devon and jailed for 18 months

A junior doctor sexually assaulted and secretly photographed female patients during intimate examinations.

Suhail Ahmed, 28, touched the women, all in their 20s, as he removed their clothing in order to get a better view of their bodies for his mobile phone camera.

Ahmed, who worked at Torbay Hospital in Devon, was today jailed for 18 months.


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One thought on “Another Misbehaving Muslim Doctor….”

  1. 18 months?

    He won’t stop. He needs to be struck off for life and be required to sign the sex offender registry for life too.

    So, he picked all young woman who were in a vulnerable state after surgery or gravely ill. A Muslim deliberately picking the weak and vulnerable as his victims, quelle surprise!

    And his soliciter has some nerve trying to elicit sympathy for this POS.

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