Another one of those “my people” moments…

Obama’s “ObamaCare 13″ in White House Speech includes 2 Muslims

Strange. Are Muslims now 20 percent of the country? They had to pick these people up from somewhere and that ‘somewhere’ was most likely political organizations linked to Obama.


We’re entering a strange definition of diversity when that means having more Muslims on stage than any other minority group.


What a billion Muslims really think

by Cheradenine Zakalwe: “You colonised us and now it’s we who are colonising you”

France: “you invaded us, you colonised us and now it’s we who are colonising you, we are invading you, we are taking your cash and we will have everything you’ve got.”

(Actually, that’s a lie. The soldiers of allah invaded us and colonised us way back in the 7th century. And the looting is in the Koran….)