Australia Under Sharia?

Sharia doesn’t come without Muslims:

Jews bashed in Sydney

Note that the enemedia doesn’t dare to mention that the attackers were muselmaniacs:

A GROUP of five people were violently attacked on the street in Sydney’s east early this morning in what witnesses have called a racially motivated attack.  (Telegraph/Andrew Bolt)

Sharia law applied secretly in Sydney

SHARIA law is already being practised in western Sydney, with hundreds of religious divorces granted by imams.  (Daily Telegraph)


The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has asked a Federal Government inquiry into multiculturalism to permit sharia law, especially in divorce cases.

But a sheik and Muslim leaders yesterday said sharia law was already being used to end hundreds of marriages a year. Sharia law is also being used by imams in cases of business disputes and neighbourhood fights.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils also asked the Government to fund halaland kosher meat outlets and even Muslim schools and for state schools to have special sports uniforms for female Muslim students.

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A Message From the Q-Society:

One Federal attorney general after another has assured Australians there will never be sharia law in Australia.

We all know sharia is here, we all know it is being applied on a daily basis in many parts of the country; and we know our government sanctions it via DAFF validating sharia-compliant animal slaughter and discrimination at Australian workplaces.

The real question is: What does this blatant denial of facts tell us about our federal Attorney General and the people who make this appointment?

Once great Britain is already further down the abyss:


“If the Government and politicians cannot recognise this as essential, it should no longer accuse the Australian Muslim community of intentionally living in enclaves,” the submission said.

Sheik Moussaab Legha, from the Islamic Welfare Centre in Lakemba, said panels of imams oversaw hundreds of sharia divorces at a mosque in Greenacre.

They first try to persuade the couple to stay married, Sheik Legha said.

If a woman pursues a divorce in the Family Court but is not religiously divorced under sharia, the Muslim community and countries with sharia law still see her as married.

Sheik Legha said people who are divorced under sharia by imams at the Greenacre mosque receive a certificate. “It is after the Family Court. The religious way needs to be finalised,” he said.

“Most of the time it is like a normal courtroom. You have the imams on one table, you have the family of the woman, you listen to both [sides], to the problems.”

University of Technology Sydney academic Jamila Hussain said religious divorces were carried out at two mosques because for some women a Family Court divorce is not enough.

“Religious divorces are basically for women whose husbands can’t be found or they refuse to divorce them,” she said.

“There is just no way they can get a divorce unless they can get a religious divorce.”

Muslim community advocate Keysar Trad has witnessed a sharia divorce in Sydney but he said sharia law was also being used to settle workplace and neighbourhood disputes.

“Really, anything that does not have a criminal element,” Mr Trad said of the use of sharia law by Sydney imams.

6 thoughts on “Australia Under Sharia?”

  1. University of Technology Sydney academic Jamila Hussain : “…“There is just no way they can get a divorce unless they can get a religious divorce.”

    What sort of this ‘academic’ is this person?
    Clearly she does not know Australian law or chooses not to follow it . Federal law in all cases trumps arab law based on superstitions.

  2. From the grainy CCTV footage it looked like one of the assailants was wearing one of those white headcaps followers of what GWB termed the RoP are prone to wear.

  3. The crime rate in this country has tripled since the weak arsed govt allowed these ragheads in, they will never do any good for this country but run it into the ground
    Time for some forced deportation I think but what pollie will have the balls or spine to do it?

  4. The real question is: What does this blatant denial of facts tell us about our federal Attorney General and the people who make this appointment?
    It tells me that they make shit up to cover their arses.

    1. G-d forbid, we’d never hear the end of it.

      The muselmaniacs would come charging out of their mosques after Friday ‘prayers’, just like they did after Cronulla, and beat and stab every Aussie that they can find in the streets….

      Every politprop, every movie starlet and every TV dimbulb would lecture us primitive Aussie yokels on ‘racism’ and how terrible we are and the damage it does to our ‘image’ in the world.

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