“Canada needs to earn loyalty of Muslims”

The hide and the hubris of Islamic supremacists is especially galling to people like us who keep a close watch on their activities.


City OK with mural wishing victory over infidels – Stamp of approval provided by Equity office run by sharia law advocate   (Blazing Cat Fur)

Toronto-Jihad-Mural-HPToronto Mosque Adorns Wall With Jihad Battle Cry

“Pennachetti wrote to Fatah on Friday, saying that the city’s office of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights was involved in the review and that the mural’s creator and Islamic law expert Anver Emon, a professor at University of Toronto, were consulted.”

“Immigrants do not owe their loyalty to Canada unquestioningly — Canada needs to earn that loyalty…” Uzma Shakir

As well as being an advocate of the application of Sharia Law in family courts, Ms Shakir has expressed anti-Israel views in her blog for the neo-Marxist website rabble.ca.  (source)

John Robson on Toronto’s jihad mural