EDL Now Called “Leaderless Extremists “

Protests in Bristol

The English Defence League will march through the West Yorkshire city of Bradford on Saturday despite the surprise resignation of the group’s self-styled leader Tommy Robinson, who quit this week. The EDL’s arrival in a city with a large Muslim population is seen as provocative by local politicians and the police, who also asked opposing activists from Unite against Fascism to stay away.  (IBT)

France’s anti-Muslim anti-immigrant Marine Le Pen surges in polls

The journaillie has a rather warped concept of left and right. In Europe, socialism rules and all governments are left to far left. (Everything conservative is smeared as”Far right”).  The scribbler from the EU Observer who penned this piece makes it sound as if deportation of Muslims was a bad thing. It is not. It would be suicidal for the French nation not to do it:


France’s far-right National Front party is leading the two mainstream political parties in recent polls. (The term “far right” has different meanings in Europe and America.) A new poll finds that NP is leading with 24%, while the center-right UMP part of former president Nicolas Sarkozy has 22%, and the governing Socialist party of president François Hollande is at 19%. NP is headed by Marine Le Pen, who campaigns for curbing immigration and exiting the euro. Le Pen has styled herself as protecting France against both the “European Soviet Union” and against Muslim immigration. Europe has been generally moving to the right on the issues of immigration and deportation of Muslims.EU Observer

Meet the cute little  jihad kidz of Syria

Note that nowhere in this Jakarta Globe photo essay is there the slightest note of disapproval of the jihadist-linked Free Syrian Army recruiting children to fight, nor any suggestion that they have forced them to: (Andrew Bolt)

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4 thoughts on “EDL Now Called “Leaderless Extremists “”

  1. “EDL Now Called “Leaderless Extremists”

    Well at least the government is happy as now they get to make proper bogey man of the EDL, without TR as the mouthpiece/leader.

    Now, Whitehall can sneer at the lower social orders whilst at their clubs, waiting for an implosion.

    Just remember Whitehall all the most debilitating traitors during the Cold War came from Middle Class Toffs. YOU have already betrayed your country, your countryman and woman in the 21st century by pretending their is NOT a Muslim problem but a white problem accepting diversity.

  2. “Unite Against Fascism” (being full of muzlim fascists and all) should more properly be called “Unite Against Freedom!”


    And: Well said, Hill!

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