Tim Blair

Hal Colebatch investigates the proud wartime history of Australia’s waterside unions:

In October, 1945, following the Japanese surrender, the small British aircraft-carrier HMS Speaker carried some of the surviving Australian soldiers released from Japanese prison camps back to Sydney.


They had had no mail or news from their families for more than three and a half years. Most were in desperate physical straits and it was a medical rule of thumb at the time that their suffering had taken ten years off their life expectancies. Already, all but the strong had perished and many of them said later that in another month they would all have been dead: their ordeal had simply gone on too long.

When Speaker arrived at Sydney, watersiders went on strike for thirty-six hours, preventing them being disembarked.

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I suspect those waterside union thugs were the daddies of todays Labor-Greens.

In other news:



Look under the Burka of Islam, October 10, 2013

“SURFERS Paradise and Broadbeach will convert to Islam and feature more prayer rooms, halal restaurants and extended trading hours, says Mayor Tom Tate. On his return from the Middle East, Cr Tate will meet with traders, restaurant owners, hotels and marketing bodies to look at how both tourism areas can better cater for high-yield Middle Eastern tourists. He also wants to extend trading hours during Ramadan to cater for the later rising and dining tourists as one of the major criticisms was the early closing hours of many Gold Coast restaurants…”

2. Hajj attack: Australian Muslims attack American Muslims at pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

The Sydney Morning Herald, by Nick O’Malley, October 23, 2013

“A group of Australian Muslims has allegedly mounted a sectarian attack on an American group during the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The Americans, who are Shiites from Detroit, have reported they were assaulted and threatened by a group they later learned were Lebanese-Australian Sunni men in a campground in the city of Mina, where pilgrims are required to stay to fulfil their religious obligations…”

3. Religious levy costs Queensland abattoirs thousands each month

The Courier-Mail, by:Natasha Bita, Komang Erviani, October 20, 2013

“QUEENSLAND abattoirs are being slugged thousands of dollars a month through a religious levy on meat exports so powerful Muslim clerics in Jakarta can raise money for Islamic schools and mosques. The Halal certification fees can cost some meat processors up to $27,000 a month…”

4. Former One Nation candidate to target church’s Islam debate

The Gympie Times, Janine Hill, 23rd Oct 2013

“ THE head of a movement which opposes multiculturalism is rallying troops to target a Buderim church information event on Islam. St Mark’s Anglican Church will screen the documentary The Imam and the Pastor on November 2 at 2pm. The screening will be followed by a forum discussion on Christianity and Islam with community worker Dave Andrews and community activist Nora Amath. Mike Holt, the chief executive officer of Restore Australia, has circulated an email seeking people concerned about “creeping izlamisation” to attend the meeting with coordinated questions…”


1. Brunei’s sultan to implement Sharia penal code

USA Today, October 22, 2013

“ A new criminal law that could include penalties like amputation for theft and stoning for adultery will be enforced for Muslims in Brunei in six months, its ruling sultan announced. Brunei’s Shariah Islamic court had previously handled mainly family-related disputes. The sultan has been hoping to implement the new law for years to bolster the influence of Islam in the tiny, oil-rich monarchy on Southeast Asia’s Borneoisland…”

2. Bus bombed. That faith suspected

Herald Sun, by Andrew Bolt, October 22,2013

“What is it about the faith that seems to licence such savagery? A female suicide bomber has attacked a bus in southern Russia, killing at least six people in the deadliest such blast outside the volatile North Caucasus region in nearly three years.

The bombing in Volgograd was likely to raise fears of further attacks by Islamist militants as Russiaprepares to host the Winter Olympics in February in Sochi…

Citing a regional investigative source, the Interfax news agency said identity documents belonging to the suspected bomber were found near the site, and that she was believed to have been the wife of an Islamist militant…”

3. Husband sent female suicide bomber on Russia bus mission

The Australian, October 23, 2013

“THE female suicide bomber who killed six people on a bus in southern Russia had been sent on her mission by her husband, a young guerrilla fighter who prepared her explosive belt, media reports say. The blast in the southern city of Volgograd, which also injured more than 30 people, was the deadliest attack outside the volatile North Caucasus in the past three years…”

4. Palestinian Authority kids’ mag publishes bogus wit and wisdom of Adolf Hitler

FoxNews.com, October 22, 2013

“ A children’s educational magazine sponsored by the Palestinian Authority extols the wit and wisdom of Adolf Hitler — by wrongly attributing 10 quotes to the Nazi leader.

Zayzafuna, a youth magazine whose advisory board includes Palestinian Authority Deputy Minister of Education Jihad Zakameh, published the list of quotes in its August edition in a section titled “Among Hitler’s sayings,” Palestinian Media Watch reported…”

5. Tony Blair: Let’s be honest about Islam problem

Express, By: Macer Hall, June 3, 2013

“TONY Blair yesterday called on politicians to “be honest” and openly admit there was a “problem within Islam”. Tony Blair has intervened in the debate following the Woolwich atrocity. The former Labour Prime Minister intervened in the debate about how the Government should respond to the savage murder of soldier Lee Rigby to insist the threat was not limited to a handful of Islamist extremists. He argued that hostility to democracy and Western values among some sections of the Muslim community was “deeper and wider than it is comfortable to admit”…”

6. Cameron facing up to Islam

Herald Sun, by Andrew Bolt, September 30, 2013

“David Cameron pushes back on the extremes of multiculturalism: The British state should back institutions such as schools and courthouses that require individuals to remove face-coverings worn by some Muslim women, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. Mr Cameron said he did not believe there should be a ban on wearing the niqab – which conceals the whole face except for the eyes – in the streets…”

7. Canadian Muslims Protest “Honor Killing” Label As Racist

The Investigative Project on Terrorism, by Abigail R. Esman, October 7, 2013

“Are they willfully misleading? Or are Canadian Muslims who are fighting federal funding to investigate honor violence in the Muslim (and other) communities simply naïve victims of the same propaganda used routinely to explain away the religio-culturally-based murders of Muslim women?…”

8. Saudi Arabia warns women against driving protest

The Age, October 25, 2013

“Saudi Arabia warned it will take measures against activists who go ahead with a planned weekend campaign to defy a ban on women drivers in the conservative Muslim kingdom. “It is known that women in Saudi are banned from driving and laws will be applied against violators and those who demonstrate in support” of this cause, interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki said on Thursday…”