Germans will be integrated


Germany: Michael Stürzenberger fined 1200 euros for comparing Islam to a cancerous ulcer


In March, the German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger published an article in which he made the following statement:

Islam is like a cancerous ulcer that has a corrosive effect on the (still) free peoples of this planet and gradually infects them with the poison of this inflammatory, intolerant, woman-hating, violent and power-hungry ideology.  (Source: PI via Cheradenine Zakalwe)

Every day more and more demands from insolent Turks:

Does Germany need an Integration Ministry?

“If you tell someone whose family has been living in Germany for three generations to integrate properly, it is an insult,” said Klaus Bade, a migration researcher from Berlin.

(Some Germans think it is an insult that there are Turks living in Germany for 3 generations who still can’t speak the language….)

“Even a dhimmi can run the ministry, as long as such a ministry  is called the “Ministry for Participation and Migration”, said Kenan Kolat, chairman of the Turkish Communities in Germany. (More insults at DW)

Banning the freedom sack in court is “unacceptable”, sez Kenan Kolat


“No Productive Function”

‘A large number of Arabs and Turks in this city, whose number has grown through bad policies, have no productive function other than as fruit and vegetable vendors,’ Thilo Sarrazin told the culture magazine Lettre International.— “This is outrageous,’ said Kenan Kolat, who heads the Turkish Association in Germany.

Germany’s Turkish community wants dual nationality

“SPD and the Green Party have to keep their promises,” said Kolat, reminding that the parties used the multinationality issue in their election campaigns and gained the votes of several Turkish Germans by the means of related commitments.  Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) Kenan Kolat asked the SPD and the Green Party to propose the dual nationality issue at the formal coalition negotiations with Merkel. 

2 thoughts on “Germans will be integrated”

  1. A BIG disadvantage of Michael Stuerzenberger is that he “plays hardball” to 99% WITHOUT Quran verses behind his HARD statments of Islam – still only blabber, SO THIS is easy for the mainstream media & dhimmis 9:29 to counter him in the right-wing corner!

  2. Michael Stürzenberger is wrong. Islam is not like a cancer, more like a Prion, in that it attacks the brain.
    {Wikipedia: All known prion diseases affect the structure of the brain or other neural tissue and all are currently untreatable and universally fatal.[6]}

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