Hugh Fitzgerald: the suave daily treason of The Guardian.

The Self-Satisfied And Dangerous And Cruel People Who Run, And Read, The Guardian 

What would C. P. Scott say?

That unkempt, “soft-spoken but steely” (or isn’t some such phrase used about him in admiring accounts? Oh, I’ll bet it is) Alan Rusbridger should retire to spend more time with his music practice?

That, better yet, the paper should sink, and the on-line version — on which it now places such hopes as the print version’s readers are diminishing so rapidly –  find that those who advertise in it suffer consequences that make them scurry away. It’s now a force for evil, because the mindset of those who write, and of many of the self-mesmerized who read it, prevents them from recognizing the meaning and menace of Islam, and how Western societies, thanks to their immigration policies which are the result of ignorance and arrogance, are now permanently threatened from a real, not imaginary, enemy within.

Here’s the story. Even The Daily Mail’s daly crudities are more acceptable, and far less dangerous, than the suave daily treason of The Guardian.

Guardian has handed a gift to terrorists’, warns MI5 chief: Left-wing paper’s leaks caused ‘greatest damage to western security in history’ say Whitehall insiders

  • MI5 chief Andrew Parker called paper’s expose a ‘guide book’ for terrorists
  • He said the coverage is a gift to ‘thousands’ of UK-based extremists
  • Secret techniques of GCHQ laid bare by Guardian

The Daily Mail has the story.

7 thoughts on “Hugh Fitzgerald: the suave daily treason of The Guardian.”

  1. The Guardian is and always was a self-loathing Communist rag.

    The only thing of value it ever had was it’s job section.

    These people who both read and work for the Guardian have always been dangerous for the rest of us. I am just glade it is finally being articulated.

  2. Mr.Andrew Parker said ‘It remains the case that there are several thousand Islamist extremists here who see the British people as a legitimate target. Overall, I do not believe the terrorist threat is worse now than before. But it is more diffuse. More complicated. More unpredictable.’
    Why are the British sheeple not baying for the blood of those politicians who allowed this flood of Muslim extremists and their supporters into Britain. Those politians guilty of this heinous act must be tried for treason and hung publicly.

  3. @Gerald.

    Q.: “Why are the British sheeple not baying for the blood of those politicians who allowed this flood of Muslim extremists and their supporters into Britain. ”

    A.: Because, we are told to shut up and go away, you racist. Or “it is just YOU objecting to Muslims.” So the problems lies with YOU, no one else has a problem. So piss off you racist. The government apologist try to deflect the situation by implying YOU are the problem for objecting.

    From personal experience after objecting to Lebanese Muslims literally taking over our road, preventing traffic from passing through and creating an illegal discotheque (not to mention the high level of sexual harassment and increased trash) in what was supposed to be a planning permission for a coffee shop-only. The local council’s response. “No one else has contacted us to object.” “You are the only one.” When it turned out over 70+ people in the neighborhood contacted the council to object to rude, inconsiderate antisocial behaviour.

    There is a conspiracy against the indigenous population.

  4. Leftists are only idolatrous excuse-making gangsters who pretend to be helpless victims of predeterminism as alibis for their own criminal desires (‘products of their environments,’ ‘victims of society’) just as are their tribal muslim gangster allies (‘slaves of allah’). There’s no difference.

  5. Oh look, a website full of Nazis. More power to the state, right Nazis? Death to traitors to the fatherland! Down with free press! Charge them with treason too! They dared reveal the state’s secrets!

    That’s right. That’s generally what Nazis are into. See, in your little Nazi echo-chambers, you can talk about the Guardian being dangerous… but in the outside world, where you’d wither from criticism should you dare show your fascist faces, we see *you* as the real danger. People who would call whistleblowers traitors. People who would charge press with treason for informing their populace that their government is abusing them. People who would abet their state in conducting any atrocity, as long as it was against the Evil Other – in the Nazis’ case, Jews; in your case, Muslims. Got your guard tower posting application forms all filled out?

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