Jihad Muck

Koranimals running wild in Libya, U.S. citizens threatened after terror raid:


MISRATA, Libya — Islamic militants called for the kidnapping of US citizens in Libya and targeted attacks on American property following a raid by US special forces to seize a suspected al Qaeda leader from his home in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, over the weekend.

Thousands of Islamist extremists  devout Muslims in the UK see the British public as a legitimate target for attacks, the director general of MI5 has warned.

He will enjoy the lashes, and the prison da’awa:

lamaA Saudi court sentenced a preacher convicted of raping his five-year-old daughter and torturing her to death to eight years in prison and 800 lashes, a lawyer said Tuesday.

Never enough Islam:

France: first Mustard campus to be built in Strasbourg

 The project, fully funded by Turkey, will train France’s future imams with courses and exams exclusively in Arabic. (ANSAmed thanks to Mullah pbuh (Very strange, because modern Turkey discarded Arabic under Kemal Ataturk. WTF is Erdogan doing?)

The Specter of Islam Is Haunting the (once) Free World


Winston Churchill once said that “The people of Asia were slaves, because they had not learned how to pronounce the word ‘no’.” Today, the West must learn to say ‘no’ or it, too, will be enslaved. A specter is haunting the free world. Let us have the courage to call its by its name: It is the radical ideology of Islam with its political aim to abolish our freedoms and our democracy. It is by far the most serious evil afflicting the world today. And it is a much bigger threat to our civilization than all the other problems our politicians currently worry about and devote so much attention to.–By Geert Wilders