Le Pen and Wilders to form a Eurosceptic Alliance

The  unelected Commie Apparatchiks Who Run the EUSSR Need to be Defanged, Urgently

Le Pen and Wilders to form a Eurosceptic Alliance: “the National Front and the PVV could make the Europhile elite sing a different tune”  (Jerry Gordon)

Marine le Pen of National Front Party of France and Geert Wilders of the Freedom  Party (PVV) of Holland

Source: The Independent UK

Geert Wilders Dutch leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Hague Parliament  has risen to the top of  polls of Dutch voters surpassing the position of the Labor Party.  See our  July 4, 2013  Iconoclast post here.  This is a  reflection of  his appeal to many Dutch voters given his public opposition to Muslim mass immigration, the EU, and the Eurozone.

The Independent U.K. reported on the possible formation of a Eurosceptic Alliance composed of Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in France and Wilder’s Freedom Party in Holland. If that is successful  it might upend the current leader of Eurosceptics in the European Parliament  (EP) in Strasbourg, Nigel Farage. Farage heads the UK Independent Party (UKIP). A prominent  plank in the party’s platform is leaving the EU. The Independent noted:

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front in France, and Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands, will attempt next month to launch the seemingly impossible – a pan-European Eurosceptic movement. With far-right or populist parties across Europe threatening to create upsets in next May’s European elections, Mr Wilders and Ms Le Pen believe that the time is right to form an anti-European alliance. Ms Le Pen will travel to the Netherlands next month to discuss a joint campaign in the European elections with Mr Wilders’ PVV.

Mr Wilders has already been on a European tour this summer to try to persuade like-minded parties in other countries to endorse a common Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant platform next May, with limited success.

The Northern League in Italy, Vlaams Belang in Belgium and the Democratic Party in Sweden have reacted coolly to the idea. The [UKIP]rejected the alliance outright.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP

For a year or more from 2005-2006, I was on  a weekly international  Radio America panel with Farage. Farage, not unlike Wilders, has also had a spike in UK  polls possibly becoming a spoiler in the 2015 Westminsiter Parliament efections. He may be in position  to split the current David Cameron- led Conservative  Liberal Democratic coalition in the Westminster Parliament. One polltaken in the UK even showed the UKIP ahead of the Liberal Democrats. He commented in The Independent  report:

UKIP  is not right wing but a libertarian party which believes in small government, low taxes, personal freedom and responsibility under a democratic national government, not under Brussels rule. UKIP are not involved in this initiative by Geert Wilders.

Other  potential Alliance members commented:

“Our party has not joined the alliance,” said Martin Kinnunen, the spokesman for Sweden’s Eurosceptic Democratic Party: “It is hard to say anything at this stage as we don’t know which parties will participate.”

The Swedish Democrats are said to be reluctant, for domestic political reasons, to join any club which includes Ms Le Pen’s National Front or Jörg Haider’s Austrian Freedom Party. No one, not even Mr Wilders, wants anything to do with overtly racist parties such as Jobbik in Hungary or the British National Party (BNP).

The Independent noted the threat to Farage and the UKIP in the European Parliament (EP) . In contrast it noted what both Le Pen and Wilders see as the mutual advantages of the proposed Eurosceptic alliance in the upcoming May 2014 EP elections:

If Mr Wilders and Ms Le Pen form, as expected, a strong new anti-European group in the European Parliament next summer, UKIP would face a dilemma. Should Mr Farage join that new group, or continue with his own? Other nationalist and populist members from other countries would be much courted by the Le Pen-Wilders group, potentially depriving UKIP of the allies it needs.

Ms Le Pen will travel to The Hague at Mr Wilders’ invitation next month. Mr Wilders told Dutch TV on Monday night that “the National Front and the PVV could make the Europhile elite sing a different tune”.

In September, Ms Le Pen told the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad that an alliance with the PVV would be useful electorally. “It is important to show the voters that we are not isolated,” she said. “That there are similar, patriotic movements active in every European country.”

In the past Mr Wilders refused to associate with the National Front because he disapproved of the anti-Semitic remarks of Ms Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Since she replaced her father in January 2011, Ms Le Pen has tried to clean up and “de-demonise” the NF and move it into left-wing territory on social policy and economic protectionism.

Wilders and Le Pen are clearly eager to take the helm of the Eurosceptic alliance in the Strasbourg  EP while distancing themselves from clearly fascist anti-Semitic parties. Lets see how this develops in the run up to the May 2014 EP elections.