Merkel continues to pay the jiziya with willing submission….

Germany urges settlement ‘restraint,’ pledges aid to PA

Merkel also vowed to provide continued financial succor to the perennially cash-strapped Palestinian Authority. (EoZ)

Germany urges Israel to submit to Jew-haters, pledges aid to “Palestinian” Authority 

(Pamela Geller)

Look who is urging “restraint.” Now that’s chtuzpah. The Germans have no right to urge Israel to surrender to Jew-haters and annihilationists.

tantawi-merkelCuriously, the highest ranking mufti of al Azhar in Cairo has no problem holding hands with the infidel sharmuta Merkel as long as she hands over the jiziya…..

“We have always advocated a two-state solution. We have always advocated aiding and supporting the Palestinian territories, advancing the peace process, advancing economic development, and I am pretty sure we will conduct our foreign policy with this continuity,” Merkel was quoted as saying.

Again: Arabs Fly Nazi Flag Near Road


Euros Don’t Care PA Steals Their Money (EoZ)

The question is, why does a nation like Germany, that was rightly prepared to pull the plug on a debt-ridden fellow EU member state like Greece unless they got their fiscal house in order, not care that the Palestinians are stealing their money?

Merkel, who in many ways functions as the financier of the continent, is not as hostile to Israel as many of her European colleagues. But like everyone else in the EU, she thinks nothing of pouring her people’s money down the rat hole of the PA. The reasons for this are not hard to figure out.


Merkel and the faceless men in grey suits around her give me the creeps.

Her Stasi records went missing, but we know that her code name was “IM Erika”, (internal operative Erika) She was trained in commie agitprop, in espionage, subversion and her whole family were trustees of the former East German regime; they could travel, which means they must have proven again and again that they were loyal regime conformists and supporters.

This creature is now running Germany, the economic engine of EUrabia. She also managed to get more and more ex-stasi operatives into key positions. Scandalous,yes, but no one does anything about it. The whole political direction has changed during her reign, everything is now hard left, even the formerly conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung calls every whiff of conservative dissent “far right”, “extremist” or “right wing populism”. Merkel falsely pretends to be conservative, what she did is turn the conservative party (CDU) inside out. Its very similar to Obama turning the Democrats into a hard left commie outfit. Even lefties who object (like Thilo Sarazzin) are being isolated and declared radioactive. It is inconceivable how far Germany has moved left under this horrible woman. New parties hardly get off the ground, the enemedia sees to it.

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  1. The PA (PalestinianAssholity) gets over HALF of the total UN Refugee budget already – the rest of the (real) refugees in the WORLD get only the other half – and still this moronic witch forks over more jizya to the pretense that ‘palestine’ ever even existed at all, ever?! TREASON!

    1. Its not only treason. Its also fear. The Hamas & PLO representatives simply tell these dhimmi governments that if the jiziya doesn’t flow the bombs will go off. With 50 million headbangers behind enemy lines they have a very solid argument.

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