“Mighty, Mighty Muslims” & the Black Flag of Jihad in NYC

Black Flags of Jihad down Madison Avenue: “We are Muslims, Mighty, Mighty Muslims”

Obama people. Behind enemy lines.

(Pamela Geller)


Pat Condell: A Message For Feminists

Iran Legalizes Pedophilia and Allows Men to Marry Their Adopted Daughters

This is the real war on women, and little girls, for that matter. But you won’t hear a murmur from the left or the feminazis. Or Obama.

Funny, this article is published in the Guardian, which has done more to advance, shill for and promote the sharia, while destroying and smearing the opposition to sharia and jihad, than almost any other English-speaking newspaper.–Continue reading “Iran Legalizes Pedophilia and Allows Men to Marry Their Adopted Daughters” » (Geller)

Australia: Three Islamic Excremists Must Remain in the Can

Three Islamic extremists who planned to massacre Australian soldiers in a terrorist attack on a Sydney army base have lost their bid to overturn their convictions and 18-year jail terms. Wissam Mahmoud Fattal, 37, Saney Edow Aweys, 30, and Nayef El Sayed, 29, had their appeal rejected in the Victorian Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

Derby, UK:

Earlier today we reported this:

More Islamic Defenders Needed:

Not every Muslim is violent or sheds innocent blood. Even fewer Muslims are kind, generous, honest and benevolent, but Charles Okecha wants you to believe they all are what they’re not.

Due to the militancy and brutal acts of terrorism, there is increased animosity towards Islam globally. (How about we get rid of it then, Charles?)


Ever since Obama helped install the vicious Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Sinai (which Israel gave to Egypt in the historic peace agreement between the two countries) has become a lawless haven for jihad.

Israel will be forced to take back the Sinai if this continues.Egyptian Army Declared an ‘Enemy of Allah’– (Pamela Geller)

Belgistan, the Mustard Capitol of EUrabia