Mr Hasanoff he wanted to connect more with his Muslim faith….

“Guilt” Causes Jihad, Not Poverty?

Another “Australian”  jihadist  (Andrew Bolt)

Yet more reason to question mass immigration of Muslims, especially from the Middle East, to the West:


AN Australian accountant who undertook surveillance of the New York Stock Exchange for al-Qa’ida associates in Yemen and hoped to fight “in armed jihad” in overseas war zones has been sentenced in a US court to 18 years’ jail.

Sabirhan Hasanoff, who was raised in Adelaide, had entered a guilty plea to a charge of providing material support, including financial support, equipment, and technical advice, to al-Qa’ida associates in Yemen.

Saved by the West from persecution, only to wish persecution of the West:  Not even witnessing the evil of al Qaeda close up stopped him from sympathising with it.

And not even the riches and freedoms heaped on him by the West could appease his hatred:

Hasanoff graduated from New York’s Baruch College with a bachelor degree in business administration and well-paid jobs in blue chip accounting firms… According to Mr Hasanoff he wanted to connect more with his Muslim faith, and at the same time felt guilty for his comfortable life, which made him want to stand up for fellow Muslims.

Douglas Murray

From David Comoron’s “nothing to do with Islam” to  the distinguished journalist Sir Simon Jenkins, who blamed shopping malls  for the Kenyan terror…..