Muslims are the real victims!

Fearful Somalis Face Nairobi Backlash

Fearful Somalis Face Nairobi Backlash

As Kenya reels from a four-day siege by the Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen in Westgate mall, Somalis in the country are terrified of retaliatory attacks. (OnIslam of course, thanks to Mullah, pbuh)  Now is that Somaliphobia or Backlashphobia?

The distorted portrayal of  Muhammad, (pbuh)


Westerners imagine Muhammad as the warmonger, the pedophile, the slaughterer, the oppressor of women, the imposter, and the despot. Indeed, he has become a symbol of oppression, evil and debauchery in the Western imagination.A better understanding of the Prophet will give us a better understanding of Islam. It is therefore of utmost importance that misconceptions of him are remedied.   Yep. Gotta get rid of these ‘misconceptions’. Beheadings are liberating….. stoning adulterous  women is justice, murdering infidels gets you to heaven and Moe was the perfect man for all time and any place….

Shackled Samira sez we should believe her, just don’t believe the “Islamophobia industry”–

(Beats me how Muslims can write so much trash. Its even worse that the New Statesman prints it.)