No sharia regime will ever be “pro-American”, unless America itself becomes the “biggest Islamic nation”

Barry Rubin 

What Will Happen Now with U.S. Middle East Policy?

Turkish Reader: Haven’t you understood yet that the US does not care about whether a Muslim country is ruled by Sharia [dictatorship] or by secular [democracy] law as long as that regime is pro-American? Isn’t this U.S. interests “über alles”?

This Turkish reader is wrong. His question is based on a false premise.   No sharia regime will ever be “pro-American”.  The current U.S. establishment  seems to be suicidally stupid to think we can coexist with increasingly violent and chaotic sharia states.   (Yes, the U.S. policy wonks appear to be suicidally stupid, but in case you haven’t noticed Hussein Obama’s missionary zeal to turn the U.S. itself into an Islamic nation you probably lived under a rock since 9/11 2001)  Read More What Will Happen Now


Sultan Knish: Saving the Brotherhood:

The successful counterrevolutions against Muslim Brotherhood rule may have actually salvaged its reputation.

Had the Brotherhood gone down in complete economic disaster, it would have been obvious that it was not only brutal and tyrannical, but also incompetent at everything except setting up front organizations and infiltrating other movements. Instead the Brotherhood has been able to play the victim. Instead of being seen as a failure, it has reinvented brutal power-hungry thugs like Morsi as revolutionary martyrs.

Imagine if the Bolsheviks had been forced out in the 1920s. Millions of lives would have been saved, but Stalin would have been remembered as a political martyr, instead of as a monster.

When The Arab Spring Died