Our ‘Diversity’ is a worry…..

Andrew Bolt Roundup:

Fisting Kuwait: LGBT people will  be banned from entering the country.

Large parts of the worlds are ruled by people with strange ideas:

 Kuwait will conduct medical screening tests to “detect” homosexuals who attempt to get into the Gulf kingdom, according to a senior official.—Beware Kuwait’s gaydar

Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to “detect” gay people and stop them from entering the country

Meanwhile, homosexual activists in the U.S. like Chris Stedman demonize those who speak out against this, and carry water for the oppressors.

Red Fairfax Ratbags Spin it:

Journalists struggling to explain the diplomat Tony Abbott

Journaillie from Fairfax and the ABC have a new narrative – that Tony Abbott as Prime Minister is backing off the positions taken by Toby Abbott as Opposition Leader.

Labor should know better than to liken Tony Abbott expenses claims to Peter Slipper’s:

Scribbling Parasites Rewarded:

Handing $259,000 to the Melbourne (Left wing) Writers Festival

Go through the list. Every single one of those names is a lefty, most moving from one publicly funded trough to the next and calling that a career.


ABC managing director Mark Scott is in denial about the Leftist group think of the ABC:

 Penis Gourmets