Our Enemy Is Israel for All Eternity

Genocidal Lunatic on Egyptian TV: Our Enemy Is Israel for All Eternity

This deranged creature spouts the same rubbish that the inbreds in the mosques have been regurgitating for more than a thousand years.  MEMRI TV

Don’t say I told you so: Jew hatred is mainstream Islam, its in the DNA of Muslims who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk:

Jordanian columnist reminds readers on Eid that Jews are the devil

During the annual Hajj pilgrimage, Muslims throw a series of small stones towards three pillars (later replaced with walls) to symbolize the stoning of the Devil, done according to Muslim tradition by Abraham.

Rashid Hassan, writing in Jordan’s Addustour, wants to make sure that his readers know exactly who the devil is. (EoZ)

Want another one? Here:

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Zionists are behind all intra-Muslim problems

The Hajj message of Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamenei says that every single problem in the Muslim world is caused by Zionists and the West. Not a single Muslim is guilty of any crimes, terrorism, civil war, chemical weapons usage, infighting or anything else unseemly – it is all controlled by the expansive network of Zionists and their allies. (EoZ)

Transcript below the fold:

Egyptian TV Host: Our Enemy Is Israel for All Eternity

Following are excerpts from a statement by Egyptian TV host Khaled Al-Abraq, which aired on Egyptian Channel 1 on October 5, 2013.

Khaled Al-Abraq: [In the 1973 war], the Israeli Jews slashed open our soldiers’ bellies, chopped them to pieces, and ran them over with tanks. Gentlemen, our external enemy will forever be Israel, and our internal enemy will be ignorance.

They may try to invent other enemies for us, but the real enemy will remain [Israel]. Never will they approve of you…

They always taught us at school that our enemy is Israel. I don’t know who they say is our enemy in today’s schools. They pick a different enemy every couple of days. I am astonished to hear people say that we will not allow anyone to attack Egypt… I thought that they were talking about Israel, but they were talking about Hamas!

Gentlemen, your enemy is Israel. Your enemy is Israel. Your enemy is Israel for all eternity. That’s what it is. [Israel] is an enemy. This is what I teach my son and what he will teach his son.

2 thoughts on “Our Enemy Is Israel for All Eternity”

  1. If Israel are their enemies for All Eternity, then pigslam is Australia’s enemy for a bloody long time!
    moturds are good at playing the victim, but will never admit being the attacker unless it suits their purposes and then they still try and play the victim.
    Australia has had its fair share of terrorist attacks, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_Australia
    Yet the govt seems to be powerless to put a stop to it all, they feel its better to appease them by allowing them into Australia and giving them housing, food, entire suburbs to turn into pislamic enclaves, allow their halal to run rampant, mosques and they expect us to respect them! did they respect us at Cronulla or Hyde park, Sydney?

    pigslam needs to get over itself and get on with life, stop the killing, stoning, honor killings, beheadings and life will be a whole lot happier.

  2. he just spoke an eternal curse on his people! the infighting happened when the head gangbanger mo. died & they didn’t agree on who would be the next leader.

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