South Africa: Exposing Jihad “Not Helpful”……

Anything that exposes the Islamic agenda is “not helpful”. Tell me: why should we aid our enemies?

Jihad News from JW, Mullah, TROP, EoZ and others:

Muslims launch massive legal assault on free speech in France

405112Village idiot Hollande is eager to oblige……

The weekly satirical magazine is accused of “provocation to discrimination, hated or violence with regard to a person or a group of persons because of their origin or their belonging or not belonging to an ethnicity, a nation, a race or a given religion”. In July 2013, Charlie Hebdo published on its front page a drawing supposed to represent a Muslim declaring: “The Koran, it’s crap, it doesn’t stop bullets.”


Just like Iran, for ‘peaceful purposes’, no doubt:

Jewish Useful Idiot Sells His Services to CAIR

South African Headbangers Seek to Censor Jihad Reporting, Or Else…..


Johannesburg – The continued use of terms such as “Islamist militants” and “militant Islam” in South African newspaper reports will incite violence, Al Jama-Ah said on Thursday.The party was doing its best to get Muslims to take an active part in the political life of the country, said its leader Ganief  Hendricks.

(Translation: we Muslims must take over and we really hate it when people wake up….)

“The biased terminology of editors is therefore not helpful,” he said.

(If you know of any reason why we should help Muslims take over let me know…..)

Syrian jihadist: “The aim is to free the Muslim lands and have the Islamic flag there”

That means their jihad won’t end with Syria. “Rival al-Qaeda-linked groups fortifying in Syria with mix of pragmatism and militancy,” by Loveday Morris, Joby Warrick and Souad Mekhennet in the Washington Post, October 13 (thanks to JW):

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — Shortly before its operatives killed 14 Iraqi Shiite children in a school bombing this month, the group once known as al-Qaeda in Iraq sent guerrillas into northern Syrian villages with orders to reopen local Sunni classrooms. In a series of early fall visits, the militants handed out religious textbooks along with backpacks bearing the group’s new name: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

U.S. and allies spent $230 million on spare vehicle parts for Afghan army — and lost them

If the money wasted on the fool’s errand in Afghanistan had been kept at home, the U.S. economy would be humming along. And that was the point of the 9/11 attack, as Osama bin Laden and other jihadis explained: to weaken and ultimately destroy the U.S. economy. The jihadis in Afghanistan must find the foolish generous Infidels an endless source of amusement — and, of course, of cash.

“An auto bailout for Afghans? U.S. government wasted millions on spare car parts,” by Phillip Swarts in The Washington Times, October 16 (thanks to Lookmann):

Just like GM, the U.S. government has decided to give millions to another part of the auto industry — only this time it’s in Afghanistan.

One day they will learn to like each other:


Islamic jihad attacks force 3,000 villagers to flee to neighboring state

“Islamophobia is the biggest threat to peace in the world today.” — U.S. “academic” Kevin Barrett in Iran’s state-run PressTV

These venomous Islamophobes should be sent back forthwith and told sternly to stop fearmongering. (We seem to be concerned only when they come knocking on our doors….)