Stupid and dangerous: SBS producing aggressive victimhood grievances… among Muselmaniacs!

“Yes, listen, Australia,” shouted the sheik:  “shame on you, that your new rulers have reached the stage of killing people and making this part of their election campaign.”

We already have 15 jihadists in Australian jails for terrorism offences, and this week yet another Australian-raised jihadist in New York was given eight years for aiding al-Qaida.

Also this week, ASIO boss David Irvine warned that Australian Muslims – most of Lebanese descent – hadn’t only gone to Syria to fight for jihadist groups.

Some had also trained with and died for al-Shabaab, the Somali terrorists behind the slaughter of shoppers in a Kenyan mall. Indeed, three al-Shabaab supporters, two from Lebanese families, are in jail for plotting an attack on Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks.

Then this week’s police raids on Melbourne bikie gangs produced another list of names that read like a rap sheet for an immigration scheme out of control.

Those arrested (and presumed innocent) are Bashkim Gashi, Gemino Aloia, Bemir Saracevic, Emir Jaha, Fabian Pacey, Mark Balsillie, Dennis Basic, and Mohhamed Khodr – five allegedly from a gang whose state president was the Lebanese-born Jay Malkoun until he skipped to Dubai.

Now in blunders SBS, the taxpayer-funded “multicultural” broadcaster which brazenly claims it “makes a unique contribution to the development of harmony”.

Last week a boat carrying economic refugees flipped just 50 metres off an Indonesian beach after setting off for Australia. Dozens drowned.

Australian rescue officials had tried hard to find the boat, but SBS on Tuesday broadcast a report from the Lebanese home town of many of the dead which mentioned none of that. Instead, it beamed a tirade of hate and lies from a local sheik, Ali Khoder, straight into Muslim homes here without qualification when passions were at their most raw.

“Yes, listen, Australia,” shouted the sheik.

“The boat sought help and rescue and the coastguard kicked the boat out and told the boat ‘Go back to where you came from’ …

“Shame on you, that your new rulers have reached the stage of killing people and making this part of their election campaign.”

The report also showed a survivor talking about another passenger: “He has eight children … They all died. Why? Just tell us why they didn’t rescue us.”

Pumping such incendiary smears into the homes of a minority already too prone to aggressive victimhood is stupidly dangerous – and the opposite of what we pay SBS to do.