“Tolerant” Indonesia

More tolerance in modern, moderate Indonesia:

Islamists carry coffin in latest protest against Christian official in Indonesia

Christians must not hold positions of authority in an Islamic state.

Islamist protestors carrying a coffin have stepped up their campaign to force a Christian local authority chief in West Java, Indonesia, out of office. Susan Jasmine Zulkifli’s appointment as the sub-district head of Lenteng Agung, a strongly Muslim area, has been opposed purely on the grounds of her faith. Islamists have staged protests and gathered a petition demanding she be removed.

Two Christian Evangelists Sentenced to Three Years in Indonesian Prison Following Mob Attack by 200 Muslims

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (BosNewsLife)– The United States was under pressure Friday, October 4, to condemn “grave violations” of religious freedom in Indonesia amid reports that two Indonesian Christians were sentenced to three years imprisonment for evangelism.

Last Synagogue in ‘Moderate’ Indonesia Destroyed…

The Religion of Peace rolls on as it must…….

Islamic Tolerance: Myth and Reality

Ibn Warraq argues against the present-day politically-correct view that there was a Golden Age in Muslim Spain. Rather this was a Golden Age of Intolerance, with seven centuries of Islamic rule in Spain characterized by the persecution and periodic massacres of non-Muslims, now understood asdhimmis (tolerated second class citizens persons who are members of inferior religions). Jews were massacred in Cordoba and in other parts of Spain, 1010-1013 and in Fez (Morocco) in 1033. The first great wave of hatred of which Jews were victims in the 11th century took place in 1066 in Grenada, in Muslim Spain. This outbreak of anti-Semitism occurred 30 years before Jews were massacred by the Crusaders in the Rhineland.