UK taxpayers foot £350k legal bill for disabled Muslims pubic hair

Either way the taxpayers lose:

Taxpayers foot £350k legal bill for Muslim pubic hair battle

A top judge has criticised the “astonishing” £350,000 cost of a legal battle over a couple’s right to shave their disabled daughter’s pubic hair. The mother and father of the young woman, who cannot be named and is referred to as ED in court documents, said their daughter’s pubic hair should be removed in line with Islamic tradition.


No mosqueing around

Rihanna Kicked out of Mosque in “moderate” Abu Dhabi

Sharmuta did not ‘conform to conditions’


Cloud Cuckoo-land:

Speaking to members of the Muslim Community at an Eid Millan party at Ten Downing Street, he said that the children would spend a better life with the help of UK.
He said Eid-ul-Azha teaches people to become merciful while Islam teaches generosity. The prime minister said that British Muslims were an asset of the country.


Good old Cameron indeed, showing his true colours.
Common Purpose trained like Brown and Blair before him, he understands the need for a totalitarian religion to replace Christianity.
In 2010, the Marxist Totalitarian EU government was formed after the Lisbon treaty.
The next step is to have one state totalitarian religion – Islam.
Typical effluent from Cameron…
“what a fantastic contribution Muslims make to our country“.
  • Yes. a few bombs to rearrange London buses and the underground.
  • Takeovers of English towns where Sharia law trumps British law.
  • Vandalising of 50% of churches in East London (Multicultural harmony????)

Over 50% of immigrant Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women are on welfare, costing 19 billion pounds.

“Abrahamic religions have so much in common”
  • Islam calls for the killing of all Jews and Christians and the destruction of Judaism and Christianity.
  • Islam is totalitarian but Judaism and Christianity have a separation of church and state.
  • Islam has Sharia law which opposes the Ten Commandments as there is no golden rule.
I could go on, but there is nothing in common. They do not worship the same God.
‘Eid, where you keep a third for charity”
Cameron forgot to mention that the charity is not for 60 million British infidels, only Muslims.
“We have a huge battle fighting Islamophobia – people telling lies about Islam”.
Cameron forgot to mention it is the Muslims telling lies about their religion.
“Lying is obligatory if the task is obligatory” Law r8.2 page 745 Reliance of Traveller
OMG, what an appalling speech! Where are the howls of protest from the Anglican church??
  • He mentions the Srebrenica massacre of 1995 where Serbian forces killed about 8,000 Muslims.
  • Cameron forgot to mention the 500 years of brutal wars  where Turkish Ottoman forces decimated Serbia.
  • What about the 500,000 Iraqi Christians forced to flee or be killed since 2003?
  • What about the Coptic Christians in Egypt?
Britain is ruled by fools.