Vultures & Climate Shysters

There’s a push from within the W-A Liberal Party to pressure the federal government to hold a Royal Commission into the science of climate change:

Can we strip Gore of that Nobel?


Belief Ueber Alles:

“The (Sydney Moonbat) Herald believes unequivocally in human-induced climate change”


Warming Hysteria Causes Hatred


Andrew Bolt – Why Adam Bandt is a vulture

“Why Tony Abbott’s plan means more bushfires for Australia and more pics like this of Sydney.”

phototrip-gt-black-griff-bi_thumbWorse, even. Bandt claims Abbott, the volunteer firefighter, is actually starting the fires.

Who will save us from the bleeding hearts?

Some people can’t wait for their enslavement:  It’s time to honour fellow boat people by Arnold Zable, a novelist and a vice-chancellor’s fellow at Melbourne University


About time:

More Monash Rubbish: