We must not only reject (Mohammedanism) with all our strength, we must reverse the course…

Renaud Camus:  NO To “The Great Replacement Of A People And A Civilisation”

(par Renaud Camus, 10 septembre 2013)

“The change of the people involves the changing of  civilization. To believe this is not so , that France can still be France, Europe still Europe , with a different  people , is to despise the peoples and individuals, reduced to the status of replaceable, interchangeable, dislocatable  men and women at the merci of dislocation.”

What I call the ‘Great Replacement’ is both the most serious crisis in our history and the most severe problem that we have to face today . Not only are  all the other challenges we face , as painful as they may be, secondary compared to this, but they are most often nothing more than  a backlash. Insecurity , increasing difficulties with social and neighborhood relationships , violence in school , violence in the hospital, violence in the deep countryside,  hyperviolence , decivilisation , return to sauvagery of the species , the collapse of the education system , collapse of public accountability, housing crisis, overcrowding in prisons, deterioration of the area , so many major problems that it is absurd to attempt to treat or refer to only in abstraction to the cause, or what  aggravates them so terribly: the changement (the replacement) of the people and the civilisation.

Our worst enemy is it the lie, the silence imposed on what happens , the way the two powers, media and politics, have to act as if the Great Replacement and disasters it causes were not obvious to our eyes bursting from our screens.  The first priority is to give back the right meaning to words and give back to the French the faith in their own view: the right to note  for themselves what they are not allowed to name.

We are not the forces of evil: we are not the ones burning our country and drenching it in blood. Ours is the moral high ground in this battle because the world forced on us is one of daily violence, of generalised stupor and of unhappiness and sorrow. To force it on us, our enemies lie incessantly, at first by omission of the causes and facts. But there is no virtue without truth.

To this sinister world of all against all, we must say NO urgently : NO to the changement of people , NO to the Great Replacement, NO to further immigration, NO to mass naturalizations, NO to cultural disintegration, NO to Islamisation, NO to the obliteration of France and her culture. We must not only reject with all our strengths , we must reverse the course .

I am almost alone , I’m almost nothing: join me today, join us tomorrow! What we will be able to do is up to you, now, to decide. I found here the  ‘NO to the changement of  people and Civilization ( NCPC) – a front of refusal, the movement of all those who say NO to the Grand Replacement .

If we are ten we will be a vigil for our country. If we are a hundred we will be a task force.  If we are a thousand  we will be a  momentum . If we are ten thousand we will be a force of influence. If we are a hundred thousand, a million or more we shall be able to stop the race to the bottom and even , who knows, climb back up the slope”

Renaud Camus

2 thoughts on “We must not only reject (Mohammedanism) with all our strength, we must reverse the course…”

  1. Australians need to read this, we need to stand as one and fight for what we believe in! If we don’t we might as well bow our heads in shame and try and remember what our great grandparents and grandparents fought and gave their lives for.

    Australians have never been this weak! Peter Lawler would be turning in his grave if he knew what we have become.

    I just wonder who is running this country the govt or the bleedin hearts?

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