Who Broke the Ocean?


Tim Blair – Monday, October 21, 2013

Apparently the ocean is broken and there are no fish left anywhere. Even worse, cupcakes are exploiting young women, according to the Guardian:

Butter-iced snares of self-loathing that sell precisely because they exploit young women’s insecurity about their looks and identity, and offer a completely false and self-defeating solace of temporary gratification, almost certainly followed by remorse and disgust.

The Guardian might be on to something. Only last year, Victorian Greens experienced a cupcake-induced feeling of temporary gratification, followed within hours by remorse and disgust.

“We do not ban writers whose views suggest they are climate change deniers or sceptics.  We consider their letters and arguments. But…..”

At the Sydney Moonbat Herald, they unequivocally believe in denying the deniers their free speech rights….

No campfire shots  at the ABC:

 If the gear came out again, they warned, four hours would go on the time sheet. And they’d be on time and a half the next day because of ‘insufficient break’.

Do read on.

TV of Village Idiots

Andrew O’Keefe misleads the Channel Seven audience about global warming and the fires

Some of you might remember this obnoxious pisspot  making an absolute ass of himself  with Geert Wilders. He is equally ignorant when it comes to the warming racket:


Is Channel Seven happy for its viewers to be so wildly misled about something so important?

Channel Seven host Andrew O’Keefe is a global warming alarmist who seems to think having the right attitude means not having to bother with things like research.– Andrew O’Keefe misleads…. by Andrew Bolt


The climate change scam has been supported by the UNelected, UNdemocratic and very UNtrustworthy United Nations.

2 thoughts on “Who Broke the Ocean?”

  1. Yes I remember.Watch this 2 minutes part of the interview

    Channel 7’s Andrew O’Keefe Unprofessional Interview with Geert Wilders

    AOK needs to educate himself before the interview.

    Australia needs a SIOA

  2. Andrew O’Keefe does not bother with things like research.He did not do much with his interview with Geert Wilders.

    Well I suppose it is a hard job.

    Since you love the United Nations and you don’t often see faceless”women”( they may be men with make up and lovely voices) in the UN here is something to think about how upside down the world is.


    Saudi Human Rights Record Praised in UN Review.(especially in relation to women).I am surprised that USA did not praise them.Pakistan the great ally of USA did.

    Check the two beauties.

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