You will be Islamised!

The “Migrants” Keep Coming

Thirty one people were killed and more than 200 people were rescued after a boat capsized a week after another shipwreck left 369 dead, prompting Malta to warn the Mediterranean was turning into a cemetery.

The boat, carrying up to 400 migrants, mostly Syrians, left the Libyan port  of Zwara on Thursday, just 60km from the Tunisian border. (al Jizz)


Satellite telephone used to alert rescue services in Rome, Maltese armed forces say.



5 thoughts on “You will be Islamised!”

  1. They keep going away from Mecca rather than towards it. Quite understandable. But hypocrisy on their part. Their next step is to go on welfare, find a mosque then start extolling the ‘wonders’ of islam and the world they forsook.

  2. yes islam has all the answers.

    ha ha ha hah!!!!

    With Marine le Pen on the up, and others, the bastards can go back to their Islamic shithole.

    The Europeans won’t cop this crap indefinitely.

  3. Some of the women on the boat where from Ghana. There is NO war in Ghana. Economic migrants plain and simple.

    Other then desire, there is no need for them to be in Europe. Send them back home. Not wanted here.

    Satellite phones? Those phones are not cheap. The cheap ones, start about $499.00 American dollars. Are the phones giving out as part of the $80,000 ticket fees?

  4. All the countries from which these migrants set sail are tightly controlled police states and there is simply no way they could even get into the country, let alone assemble and board without the collusion if not active participation of the regime.

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