Al Qaeda in Syria: “Killing you apostates comes before killing Jews and Christians”

Al Qaeda in Syria: “Killing you apostates comes before killing Jews and Christians” (EoZ)

This is an apparently authentic video showing a walkie-talkie conversation between fighters from al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army. Turn on closed captioning to see the translation:

ISIS talking: “You are (FSA) infidel, You’re infidel”
ISIS: “You, Creature, you don’t know Allah nor the Prophet and are corrupted person and we will kill and chop you”
ISIS [Describing how they would kill and chop FSA]
ISIS: “You claim to be a Muslim you are not a Muslim because you kill and rape women and men”
FSA: “If you think you are a man go fight Israel not us, why did you come to Syria”
ISIS: “You are apostate and fighting you (FSA) is a priority to us more than usual infidel”
ISIS: “You (Syrians) curse god and the prophet you are apostate infidel”
ISIS: “killing you apostates is a must and comes before killing Jews and Christians”
FSA: “Fuck you bastard and your masters in Qaeda”
FSA: “We’re Jihadist against regime…” [cut..]
ISIS: “You’re jihad (fighting) is in the sake of FSA, Syrian Coalition, Democracy and a Civil State??”
ISIS: “You deny Sharia and you’re fighting us… we had better to kill you rather the original infidels.”
FSA: “Bastard, pig, god damn you…” [Cursing Qaeda and its Leaders]
ISIS: “You, you who hear me, you know you’re not Muslim you’re infidel hate god and the prophet.”
ISIS: “You’re corrupted you don’t pray and against Islam you’re not Muslims”
FSA: “You’re the corrupted and infidel you are god enemies and our enemies…” [inaudible]

Video: Anti-Jewish books publicly displayed on Jordan’s streets

The filmmaker visited four book kiosks on the streets of Amman.

Just think, a kiosk can only hold maybe 100-200 titles, usually best sellers, and yet Mein Kampf and books about Jewish domination of the world are prominently displayed in each one! (EoZ)