Australia: Muslims Whine About ‘Racism’ But Aussie Infidels Are Not Fooled

Something that popped up in the ABC news online yesterday, Danuta Kozaki reporting.

Muslims busy trying to play the victim card again.  

“Sydney Conference Hears Australian Muslims Experience Higher Rates of Racism”.

Translation: Those Pesky Aussie Infidels Have Been Doing their History Homework, and Listening in at MEMRI and on Muslim Websites, and Reading the Quran and Other Islamic Instruction-Books, and are Becoming Suspicious.  –CM


‘An international conference on what it means to be an Australian Muslim has heard that most Muslims experience much higher rates of racism than the average Australian.

Racism??? I am sooo tired of this claim that any criticism, questioning, suspicion (well founded, in light of the historic track record of the Ummah) or mockery of Muslims – of people who choose to convert to or remain within a particular ideological system or geopolitical cult – is ‘racism’.   Am I ‘racist’ if I look askance at a Neo-Nazi flaunting a Swastika tattoo?  So why is it ‘racist’ to look askance at a woman – no matter what her ethnicity, even a lily-white ginger-haired Anglo-Celt Aussie convert to Islam – if she is parading down the street wearing the Sharia Badge, given that I know exactly what Sharia has in mind for non-Muslim females like me? – CM

‘The two-day conference has been organised by Charles Sturt University’s Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation(‘and Civilisation’ – that’s rich: the conference should have been picketed by large crowds of Hindu, Buddhist and Greek Orthodox protesters reminding people of the deliberate and savage Muslim destruction of Hindu and Buddhist societies, monuments and institutions such as the University of Nalanda and, more recently, the Bamiyan Buddhas, and of the Muslim sack of Constantinople and the seizure and desecration of the Hagia Sophia in 1453 – CM), along with the Islamic Sciences (?? ! – CM) and Research Academy, Australia.

‘The Centre’s director, Mehmet Ozalp (a Turkish Muslim? – CM) says the inaugural conference is needed to examine what it means to be an Australian Muslim (sic: a Muslim within the Ummah’s forward base in the Australian portion of the Dar al Harb, the zone of war? – CM) in the 21st century.

To gin up a greater sense of grievance, with a view to having all those excuses and accusations ready to hand when it is time to start waging full-on combat jihad. – CM

‘He says there is a focus on young people, including the impact of the internet and radical forces.

Veiled threat. – CM

“There is an identity crisis that always comes with being young, but also being a young Muslim makes it even deeper and more profound”, he said.

Oh, we Muslims is sooo speshul!  Like the princess in the fairy story, we are so exquisitely sensitive that we can feel that one little pea through all the layers of mattresses!  We has it sooo much worse than anybody else!  Our young people suffer sooo much more than those young Christians, atheists, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians, Sikhs, Aboriginals…waaaaah! Pity us! Pity us!  – CM

“There are people pulling in different directions (hmmm – is he scared of young Muslims apostasising? Maybe it’s a well-founded fear – Mark Durie told me, a month or two ago, that in Melbourne alone, the Anglican church – and that’s only the Anglicans, who tend to be fairly restrained in their evangelising activities, who knows what is being done by the more energetically gospel-minded Baptists, Churches of Christ, etc – has catechised and baptised no less than forty ex-Muslims, mostly Iranians, just this year…. – CM) but what we found in our research is that by and large Muslims want to integrate into Australia.”

They will only integrate in a manner that does not endanger the rest of us – no matter what our race or non-Islamic faith or none – if they leave Islam.  If they do not, then there is no way that they will, in any meaningful sense, integrate or assimilate; the core teachings of Islam forbid it. What they will do, instead – and what they have manifestly been doing – is attempt, persistently, to Islamoform Australia.  All one has to do, to see what happens once the Muslim population reaches ‘critical mass’, is to read Patrick Sookhdeo’s case-study ‘Islam in Britain’ and his larger and more detailed study of Islam’s pursuit of temporal dominance, entitled Faith, Power and Territory’.  Sam Solomon’s “The Mosque and Its Role in Society’ and “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration’ are also most illuminating, as regards the attitude and goals that orthodox Muslims living within a non-Muslim society are required to have. – CM

‘One of the speakers, Professor Kevin Dunn from the University of Western Sydney (that is, from a part of Sydney that is most heavily Islamified; the population of one particular suburb, Lakemba, is now 51 percent Muslim – CM) says that while most Australian Muslims have the same issues as everyone else in Sydney about housing, jobs and education, there is one difference.

“In one important respect Muslims are extraordinary or the Muslim experience is extraordinary in Sydney, and that is their rates of experience of racism“, he said.

You are a Professor, Mr Dunn.  Surely you know that ‘racism’ pertains to judging and mistreating people on the basis of factors over which none of us have any control and that cannot be changed, that is, on the basis of physical / genetic ancestry; and that, therefore, it is a nonsense to claim that judging a Muslim on the basis of their ideological affiliation – something that involves the ideas inside their heads, ideas that were not engraved into their DNA at conception but, rather, have been taught to them by other humans and that they have chosen to adopt (if converts) or chosen to continue holding (if ‘raised Muslim’) – is not racism.  A person who is uneasy about a Muslim qua Muslim might be called a bigot, but cannot be called a racist.  – CM

“So for instance we know from the “challenging racism” national surveys that about 17 percent of people will have experienced racism in the workplace, but for Muslims our surveys are showing that’s as high as 60 percent”.

If you are including ‘were you discriminated against because you are a Muslim?’ questions in a survey supposedly about racism, you have got rocks in your head, Professor.  What ‘race’ is a Muslim, Professor???  To get a handle on this issue, you need to run an entirely separate survey, asking people whether they had been discriminated against or abused on the basis of their ideological affiliation, if visibly identifiable.  “Do you visibly and actively identify as an adherent of : Judaism?  Sikhism?  Hinduism?  Buddhism?  Islam?  Christianity (subdivide into Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical Protestant, Anglican)?  Have people discriminated against you and given your ideological affiliation as the reason for their actions?  Note: criticism, questions and light-hearted mockery do not count as ‘discrimination’.” – CM

‘He says it is important Australia’s political, social and religious leaders acknowledge the damage such racism (sic – I am so tired of this worn-out trope; in its blatant misuse of terminology it affects me like fingernails on a blackboard – CM) can do to social cohesion.

Social cohesion’.  Buzzword alert.  Does Professor Dunn know that Islam divides the whole world into two parts: the dar al Islam and the dar al Harb?  Does he know that the inhabitants of Dar al Islam – the members of the Mohammedan Mob, the Ummah, the de facto Empire of Islam – are religiously required to wage a neverending war, by any and all means deemed necessary, against that Dar al Harb, that zone of war, which is all of us infidels everywhere in the whole wide world, until we have all been converted, or reduced to near-slave dhimmi status, or…exterminated?  It is Islam that threatens social cohesion, by having one rule for Muslims and another for the – unclean and inferior – non-Muslims. 

the world is divided

A few reminders of how Islam – orthodox Islam, Islam by-the-book – divides up the world, how it teaches Muslims to view non-Muslims qua non-Muslims.

Joseph Schacht, scholar of Islam, in his tome, An Introduction to Islamic Law: “The basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war; they must be either converted, or subjugated, or killed”.

Quran 3: 28 - “Let believers [Muslims] not take for friends and allies infidels [non-Muslims] instead of believers.  Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah – unless you but guard yourself against them, taking precautions”. (The second part of this verse is traditionally seen as authorising a temporary feigning of friendship with non-Muslims, for purposes of expediency).

Quran 48: 29, “Muhammad is Allah’s apostle.  Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers, but merciful to one another”.

Surah 3: 117, Surah 5: 49, 5.56 and 5: 57 expressly forbid Muslims to befriend, or ally themselves with, non-Muslims, with Jews or with Christians.  Is our dear dhimmi Professor Dunn aware of those passages? Is he aware of the doctrines of taqiyya and kitman; that Muslims who feel temporarily weak vis a vis non-Muslims, are enjoined to feign friendship, whilst harbouring hatred in the heart? Has he ever studied what Muslims make of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya? Is he aware of the central Islamic principle of al wala wa al bara, ‘loyalty’ (to same-sect sharia-compliant Muslims, only) and ‘enmity’ (to all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims)??

Has Professor Dunn read Ibn Ishaq’s canonical ‘life’ of Mohammed, the Sira? In that Sira, there is this – “Men, do you know what you are pledging yourself to in swearing allegiance to this man [Muhammad]?  Yes.  In swearing allegiance to him we are pledging to wage war against all mankind”.  And this – “Muslims are one ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men.  Believers are friends of one another, to the exclusion of all outsiders”.

Conor Cruise O’Brien and Jacques Ellul knew better than Professor Dunn what Islam is all about, and so did Patrick L Moore, and so did John Quincy Adams.

Here’s O’Brien.

Inter alia: “The Prophet Mohamed did not offer his followers a chance to live in harmony with their neighbours.  He taught them to fight their neighbours, if they were unbelievers, and kill them or beat them into submission.”

Not much hope for ‘social cohesion’ , surely, if  people who believe and practise that move in next door, eh, Professor Dunn?  

Now, here’s Jacques Ellul, writing a foreword to Bat Yeor’s “The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam”.

“…the essential factor…derives from the division of the world in the (religious) thought of Islam.  The world, as Bat Yeor’ brilliantly shows, is divided into two regions: the dar al Islam, and the dar al harb, in other words, ‘the domain of Islam’ and the ‘domain of war’. The world is no longer divided into nations, peoples, tribes.  Rather, they are all located en bloc in the world of war, where war is the only possible relationship with the outside world.  The earth belongs to Allah, and all its inhabitants must acknowledge this reality; to acheive this goal there is but one method: war.”…”There is so much talk nowadays of the tolerance and fundamental pacifism of Islam that it is necessary to recall its nature, which is fundamentally warlike”.

And here is Moore, “From ‘Cold War’ to Guerra Fria?”

“..There are five especially critical aspects about Islam’s doctrine of Jihad which must be brought out…in summary, the meaning of jihad in its primary sense is military and coercive; it is central to the universalist doctrine of the Islamic belief system; its operational aim is political domination of non-Islamic territories…; it is offensive or aggressive in nature in the first instance (and not merely “defensive”), and, finally, Jihad is continuous in character (i.e. pending the ultimate victory of the forces of Islam)”…

And now for John Quincy Adams.  Professor Dunn should approve of Adams, who was, after all, an abolitionist. Here’s what Adams, having done his homework, concluded about Islam:

‘John Quincy Adams Knew Jihad’.

In a set of ‘Unsigned essays’, dealing with the Russo-Turkish war, and on Greece, written while Adams was in retirement, before electiion to Congress in 1830, Adams had this to say:

“..he [Muhammad] delcared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…”

“The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God.

“The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective.  The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force”.

I must assume that our Professor Dunn, anxiously bleating that Australian infidel wariness about Muslims – that is, toward people who are openly declared card-carrying members of the very same cult that Winston Churchill described as “the religion of blood and war” –  will adversely affect ‘social cohesion’, is either unaware of the Jihad doctrine of Islam and its own rigid division of the world into warring halves (or rather, into a Muslim half and an infidel half against which Muslims must wage total war) or else is deep in denial.  – CM

“It’s why it’s very important for our leaders, for our public documents and proclamations that this is a multicultural and multifaith nation”.

If Islam is permitted to continue to grow, and grow, and grow in Australia, in numbers and in temporal power, we will not remain multicultural or multifaith.  We will be devoured by the Ummah, as so many other previously culturally rich and diverse societies have been devoured.  To see what happens when Islam becomes dominant, Professor Dunn,  I suggest you take a trip to Egypt and visit the Copts (once the indigenous majority population of Egypt; now reduced to a terrorised ten percent of the population) who are living in daily terror of attack from the circumambient Muslims; or that you visit Pakistan, and have a nice talk to the husband and family of Asia Bibi, that middle-aged Christian mother who is sitting in a Pakistani jail cell, on death row, having been screechingly accused of  ‘Blasphemy! Blasphemy!’ by her Muslim co-workers in the berry patch; and ask yourself how many Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists Islamic Pakistan had at time of Partition, and how many it has today (same deal, with Bangladesh).   Find out what happened to the Jews of Egypt and Iraq and what is now happening to the Christians.  Go further back in time, and read Vahakn Dadrian on the Armenian Christians; find out how many non-Muslims there were in Turkey 200 years ago, and how many there are now.   Ask yourself what happened to the Buddhists, Hindus and pagans of what is now Islamic Afghanistan where, prior to the arrival of Islam, there was a fizzing cultural fusion of Hinduism, Greek thought, Nestorian Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Buddhism; and where there is, now, a drably monochrome and violent wasteland of Islam, Islam, Islam.  Islam attacks and obliterates diversity.  Islam is programmed to tolerate, in the long run, nothing but itself. – CM

‘Sarah El-Assaad, 24, who is a student of Islamic Studies and NSW lawyer, says she never questioned her identiy as an Australian until comments were made to her, especially when she decided to wear the Muslim headscarf or hijab.

She put on the Ummah gang badge, the Sharia badge.  Did she really expect Aussie Infidels – especially those (more and more of them every day) who have informed themselves as to what the Sharia actually entails – not to react?  This is like a KK klansman complaining because he got funny looks when he decided to wear his hood and robe to the shopping centre.  This is like a neonazi complaining because he got funny looks and ”comments’ when he proudly wore his SS uniform to work, or hung up his Swastika flag on the front gate. – CM

‘She said some of the comments involved a client, as well as  colleagues.

If the client – presumably an infidel – had any sense, they would have taken one look at that hijab – proudly proclaiming the wearer’s implicit allegiance to the Sharia, to Islamic law, which claims precedence over all other systems of law, and requires its adherents to actively work to obliterate all other systems of law – and taken their custom elsewhere.  Milady muslimah may, at the moment, be working for an Australian law firm, but her decision to put on the hijab and wear it in the workplace is not neutral; it functions as a declaration of war, only one step below hanging up the black flag of Jihad behind her desk. – CM

“I’ve had a few confrontational moments in my life where it has sort of shocked me to feel that I wasn’t a part of what I thought I was a part of”, she said.

My dear: you are part of the Ummah. And I doubt you are unaware of how you are supposed to view all us najis kuffar, us filthy Infidels.  Your cult – not some fringe reading thereof, but its  prime directive – requires you to reject us; to hold us in contempt; to hate us; to try to get us, by hook or by crook, to join your cult; and, if we do not, to try to force us to submit and accept serf status, and if we refuse that also…to kill us.  – CM

‘Mr Ozalp says while there [are] a small minority of Australian Muslims [who] become radicalised (‘radicalised’: i.e.  decide to engage in Combat Jihad, Qital, here and now – CM) because of overseas events and other issues, generally such events actually bring the broader Muslim community together and help them find their place in Australia.

‘It pushes other Muslims to define who they are as Australian Muslims – it has ironically a galvanising effect”, he said.

Ah yes: Muslims will become more actively Muslim if anybody dares to criticise or question them?? – CM

‘Roy Morgan poll’

‘Meanwhile, the anti-Islamist group the Q Society has published the results of its commissioned survey done by Roy Morgan Research.

‘The Q Society was responsible for bringing right-wing anti-Islamist Dutch MP Geert Wilders (that is: “Dutch MP and critic of Islam, Geert Wilders” – CM) to Australia earlier this year.

‘The poll found that 70 percent of those questioned believe Australia is not a better place because of Islam.

I’m not surprised.  The ever-escalating cost of homeland security, assorted mohammedan jihad plots fortunately detected before they could be attempted, the multiple Muslim gang rapes of infidel Aussie girls, the Cronulla riots (in which most of the property damage and most of the assaults on people, were perpetrated by Muslims), that appalling Muslim riot in central Sydney last year with signs displayed saying ‘behead those who insult the prophet’, Hizb ut Tahrir making open threats of terror attacks, the Muslim gang wars in western Sydney, and our having to create a whole arm of the police entitled the ‘Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad’, and any amount of Mohammedan misbehaviour at street and suburb level that may not get publicised in the newspapers but is being communicated by one Aussie to another, in particular, by Aussies fleeing from Islamoformed locations such as Lakemba, is sufficient to show that Islam has not exactly been a ‘positive’ for Australia. – CM

‘The survey, completed in late October, found 50 percent of those questioned also wanted full-face coverings banned from public spaces.

For good and sufficient security reasons.  As we see from recent events in the UK, when a wanted jihad mobster escaped the Law by hiding his form and face beneath the full Islamic female cover-up. – CM

‘A spokesman for the Q Society says around 600 people were questioned nationally in the poll.

‘The poll included questions asking participants’ opinion about statements such as “Australia is becoming a better place as a result of Islam”, to which 70 percent responded, “No”.

‘Other questions included, “As you may be aware, some countries’ governments have implemented bans on wearing clothing in public that fully covers the face, like the Islamic burqa.  In your opinion, should Australia introduce similar alws?”

’53 percent responded, “Yes”.”

I hope the politicians are taking note.   It looks as though the great Australian Infidel public is waking up.  

The Muslims, sensing that the wind is changing, that the ground is tilting beneath their feet just as the islamoforming of Australia had seemed to be going forward so nicely, are getting ready to scream ‘persecution!’; but one must remember that in Islamspeak ‘persecution’ and ‘oppression’ can mean merely “any situation in which Muslims are not able to do whatever they like – up to and including daylight robbery and murder – to Infidels.”, or “Infidel resistance to the imposition of Islam” , or “Infidel critique of Islam/ Muslims”.  As Abul Kasem, a clear-headed Bengali ex-Muslim who, by the way, resides in Australia (whose freedoms he thoroughly enjoys and appreciates) explains in the following very helpful article, ‘When Is Islam Oppressed?”

I think things in the Land Down Under are about to start getting…interesting. – CM


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  1. A lot of muslims migrate to non-muslim countries like Australia, London, Scandinavia. Their non-christian background and culture had made it natural for the non-muslims to discriminate. Nor can they force “infidels” to like them. This site said, “only idiots oppose islam, and sensible people submit.” What? I am opposed to Islam and am no idiot. And I do not submit to Islam. I submit only to YHWH the true God, the God of gods who became man, Jesus. And I have nothing to do with a god especially outside judeo-christian heritage, namely, Muhammad’s Allah. Therefore if I believe in the true God, YHWH, I consider the Muslims as infidels because they do not have the same teachings as the God YHWH teaches in the Bible.

    If Muslims suffer discrimination and racism in Australia, why don’t they go back to their own land? Nobody obliged them to be here. This is usually the case: Muslims migrate to a wealthy christian country, and when they grew in numbers, complain that the government is unfair, and then do bombings, riots, and many such acts of terror, as we can see in peaceful Sweden. We cannot force people to like us. It is our hatefulness that makes them hate us. What’s wrong with Islam anyway? What’s wrong with Muhammad’s allah? Surely he is not the same as the God of the Bible. I know my Bible and have found out that Muhammad’s Allah is not the same as the Allah of the Bible, YHWH. YHWH is a God of honesty and love, Allah isn’t. YHWH forbids unclean foods (Leviticus 11). Allah forbids only pork. YHWH created the world in six days and rested in the seventh as the Creator. Allah mentioned the Sabbath just once, but did not emphasized its importance. God sent His Son for us to have eternal life. Allah didn’t. The name of God’s Son is Jesus (Je=Jehovah/YHWH. sus=Saviour/saves). Therefore, Jesus is YHWH, the God of the cross who came down to rescue us from sin, so that when we die in Him, we will have salvation. He will not admit criminals, liars, robbers, terrorists in heaven, nor any greedy murderous people. Therefore, repent my muslim brothers. You will find no hope in the darkness of your Islam. Convert to Christianity and have light. Recognize that we all are sinners and in need of a Saviour. That Saviour is Jesus Christ.

    Thousands of Muslims in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan convert to Christianity because they find no peace in Islam. Allah does nothing to them, they say. And they find in Christianity a God that loves. And this God is revealed in Jesus.

  2. Who are the Australian Politicians MASTER(s)!
    This would help in the understanding that Australian Politicians are NOT representing the Australian Citizen.

    Has Australia been defeated (by muslims) in a war some time in the recent past that the Australian Citizens have not been privy to, (as opposed to the current stealth immigration invasion)?

    Islamic (Stealth) immigration is analogous to the frog(s) in the ever warming pot (Western Countries) of water.

    Why hasn’t the Australian Government fixed the Islamic PROBLEM” ?
    They ARE obviously aware ….
    (even if unaware -(bit of an impossibility)- treason/sedition is the charge)
    of what is going on – yet continually FAIL to do anything about it.

    Australian Politicians are guilty of non-action – they DO continue to allow Muslims to invade and reside and pay them more in benefits than even the Australian Aboriginal – which is way above the benefits available to the people who have actually created the wealth in Australia.
    Do they not realise the fate that waits them from their muslim “friends”.

    If Australian Politicians weren’t “Dhimmi” or “Useful Idiots” they would already have implemented the following solution by attending to the problem head on ….
    • Australia to Withdraw from the Arab Block controlled UN.
    • STOP Muslim immigration – immediately
    • DEPORT ALL Muslims currently in Australia – quickly
    • DEPORT ALL Muslim converts – quickly
    • DEPORT ALL Dhimmis and Assistors to Islam
    (after they have completed their legally applied incarceration for treason/sedition).
    • DEPORTEES have finger prints and DNA Samples recorded to ensure their “Never to Return” status.
    • DEPORTING will be at DEPORTEES own expense.
    • DEPORTEES will forfeit all Australian Property.
    • DEPORTEES will no longer receive any Australian derived benefits
    (An on-flow from UN membership withdrawal).
    • DESTROY ALL Mosques.
    • DESANCTIFY (eh??? – But Islam is NOT a Religion) all “previously a Mosque” sites.

    Any Australian Politician caught with his hands in his pockets should be asked to provide medical proof that they have the equipment to play pocket billiards.

  3. The Muslim problem is the exact reason why Julia Gillard (before she was replaced by Mr Sheen) was campaigning so hard in Sydney’s West. It is controlled by Muslims and they faced an even bigger annihilation at the election than what the got if they hadn’t kissed a lot of Islamic haemorrhoids.. It is clear to see that at only 2-3% of the Australian population, they are the puppet masters.

    1. Hollande (the imbecile) of France won the election with the Mustard vote. Its the same all over EUrabia. Leftist politprops import a Mohammedan proletariat to replace the natives, unawares that it will be them who will ultimately be replaced. History repeats itself.

  4. OK – Then there is only this left to comment ….

    A Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifeststions of their faith. [1]
    Do not under any circumstances come to Australia for we are a Nation
    founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathama to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad’s cult of Islam.
    There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.
    You simply would not like it here.

    The above comments and others are available at ….

    If you are already here (and either Muslim Born or Convert) it behoves you to have you and yours relocate to an Arab Block Country.

    [1] You have always had the choice to be an apostate but Muslim has become associated with the word COWARD/THUG/LIAR/MURDERER/ETC (YOUR ACTIONS) – and this explains why everything Vile (and usually masked) Muslims do is in a GROUP against their innocent target.

    And that includes your Dhimmis, Assistors and also
    traitor/sedition guilty KRudd and Ju’Liar.

    LET = ALLOW –

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