Australia Needs to Stop Apologising!

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Shaving face may be a high priority for an Asian but in the real world of international diplomacy it can be very costly. And SBY has foreshadowed a showdown that is likely to leave him without a face to shave. Larry Pickering


… don’t think so.  No-one dares mention the possibility of a military conflict with Indonesia, it’s a taboo subject, but many have wondered, “what if”. How would Australia fare in a war with the most populous Islamic nation on earth? A nation with ten times our population and a GDP approaching that of China’s? 

Andrew Bolt

One thing is certain about this crisis with Indonesia: the Prime Minister is stuffing this up completely.

If only that clown Abbott took the experts’ advice on Indonesia

Posted by: Neil Mitchell:

The Indonesians are bullies – illogical, threatening bullies… They are not interested in friendship. They seem at times interested in our dollars, but a friendship has to go both ways and, at the moment, it is all from us. That’s the end of me ever going to Indonesia… Tony Abbott has to tread carefully… But he has to stand up for this country, too. Abbott should not say sorry, should not apologise and the rest of us should say get stuffed

 Abbott-haters betrayed their own country

WHAT self-serving, malevolent shysters – deliberately damaging Australia and blaming Tony Abbott for it.

Who are these hypocrites who betray Australia, peddle a traitor’s leaks and demand we surrender to Indonesia, just to destroy a Prime Minister they hate?  (Read full article here.)

Who would take advice from a complete failure like that?

THE AGE doesn’t know very much at all:

KRudd was only as bad a leader as Labor let him be:

The red ratbags from the ABC are the enemy of Australia:

“Given the ABC’s preparedness to publish stolen top-secret documents that impact upon our national security, one needs to question whether they are a suitable organisation to be operating an important diplomatic outreach,”

Australian spying bad, Indonesian spying good

Spare us the hypocrisy:

INDONESIA has strengthened its ability to spy on Australia and other neighbours this year by boosting its army’s intelligence unit and buying new eavesdropping equipment, despite claims by Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that his country has no need to spy on foreign governments…

Op-ed of the week, by  Tim Blair

Headless, Allahu Akbar!

It’s probably just an occupational hazard for those in the head-chopping caper. When you’re out there every day busily carving away at infidels and other betrayers of the faith, all heads must eventually look the same.

So it’s no surprise when the occasional routine slaughter goes awry.

Last week Islamist rebels in Syria asked for “understanding and forgiveness” after cutting off the wrong man’s head. The victim, Mohammad Fares Marroush, had earlier ended up in an Aleppo hospital after being injured in battle. Loaded with painkillers, the delirious man apparently said one or two things that convinced local local head removalists he was a follower of Islam’s Shia branch instead of being one of their anti-government allies.

That’s a big mistake when you’re in Sunni territory. During the night, as he slept in hospital, Mr Marroush reportedly became detached from his head – which went on to star in the latest death-to-the-unbelievers online tape, held aloft by his killers.

Say what you will about the failings of the NSW health system, but you can generally make it through the evening without a significant portion of you appearing on Syria’s Decapitatiest Home Videos.

Last week also brought news that an Australian had joined the Syrian population explosion. The man, believed to be from Brisbane and lately going by the name Abu Asma al-Australi, turned up on YouTube swearing a few Koranic oaths before riding a bomb-loaded truck towards a Syrian army base.

The subsequent detonation killed dozens of Muslim soldiers and converted the former Brisbane resident into, depending on your view of these things, either a revered martyr for Mohammed or a pointless red mist with eyeballs.

Then again, this could be yet another of those crazy Syrian identity mix-ups. The Brisbane man’s brother claims that he’s still alive, and offered this gentle opinion on Aussies who join their Islamist mates in combat overseas: “Just because our religious outlook is a bit more fundamental doesn’t mean we’re extremist.”

Well, that’s a relief. It would be terrible if anyone got the impression there was anything extreme going on. Meanwhile, the bit-more-fundamentalists in Gaza are in conflict again with their Fatah co-religionists. Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently reported: “For the past few weeks, the security apparatus in the Strip has been arresting Fatah supporters, including adolescents, raiding homes and warning people not to demonstrate. There are reports of torture.”

Just as in Syria, the Hamas-Fatah feud exists between Muslims. The Islamic world is rife with these bloody disputes, which are currently far deadlier than any disagreements with Israel or the US.

We even have our own local version of intra-Islamic fighting in Sydney. The Muslim-dominated Brothers 4 Life crime gang previously fought with other western Sydney outfits but has recently taken to shooting and killing fellow members. “It’s difficult to classify it as one type of conflict,” NSW Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said earlier this month. Kaldas went on to wonder if the attacks were “a power struggle or people simply being offended about something that’s been said, and acting in a quite irrational way by shooting someone instead of arguing.”

Indeed. Let’s not lose our heads over minor points of difference – or, in the case of the unfortunate Mohammad Fares Marroush, over points of complete similarity. Naturally, in the wake of all this Muslim against Muslim mayhem, Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar emerged last week to claim that the Australian government was deliberately trying to antagonise Muslims into reacting violently.

“These laws and the surveillance tactics of ASIO and counter-terrorism police is begging for a reaction from disenfranchised Muslims,” the Hizbie honcho said. “The government should be warned.”

Here’s a better idea, Uthman. Warn your fellow Muslims instead. They’re the ones getting killed.

2 thoughts on “Australia Needs to Stop Apologising!”

  1. Abbott has NOT apologised to anybody.

    Their ABC, SBS, SMH, 9 , 10 and 7 networks have said (demanded) he should, that does not mean he has or will.

    Time to support an Australian PM. He will not be able to say everything I would want to say to the GetUp , ACTU ,Savages / Green Loon ALP, funded Insurgent facilitators however lets wait and see what he does DO and say.

  2. Indonesia is a Nation of majority Islamic Sociopaths 180 million to be exact.
    Lets say that only 10% are believers in the Koran that’s 18 Million Islamic Sociopath’s ready to implement the teachings of the koran.

    Lets say half, say 9 million, are ready to simply jump into a canoe of any type and head off to Darwin , what would YOU do as these unarmed Soldiers of allah arrived ?

    What would YOU do as these (9 million) ARMED Soldiers of allah arrived ? Given Australia has a max of 60,000 ADF how would say 60,000 Diggers Air Force and Navy go against 9 MILLION UNARMED Islamic Savages who decided to simply walk / sail into Australia ?

    The US President is an Islam centric / facilitator President, he is in fact a former resident and indeed a ‘son’ of an Indonesian Muslim so Australia does not have to think too long before it understands who’s side Obama s on.

    Abbott is on a knife edge, facing a resident fifth column (ALP, Green Loons, Independents, MSM) and a former ally, the USA sharing the same ideology as the Islamic Indonesian Regime.

    Good Luck Australia ……….we are going to Fucking Need it , ALONE in the “Judeo Christian” Pacific

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