Burqa Trouble

Muslim women can be forced to show faces under new West Australian law

Legislation was drafted after woman who wore a burqa had a false statement conviction quashed


A new law requiring Muslim women to remove a burqa or niqab to prove their identity to West Australian police has been passed by the state’s parliament.

The legislation was drafted in response to public outcry about the case of mother of seven Carnita Matthews who wore a burqa, and had a conviction of knowingly making a false statement quashed. (Source)

In other news:

UK: Muslim jihad terror suspect Mohammed Mohamed eludes police by donning burqa


Mohammed Mohamed, when unburqaed

They’re searching for him by distributing his photograph, which only highlights the Keystone Kops aspect of this. Clearly the burqa is a security issue, but no one in Britain (or anywhere else) dares to discuss it as such, for to do so would be “Islamophobic.”

“Muslim Terror Suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed On the Run After Fooling Police With Burka Disguise,” by Dominic Gover for International Business Times, November 4 (thanks to JW)

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