Commies run NYC

The Rise and Fall of New York  (Sultan Knish)

Creeping Sharia

NYC: Muslims Have High Hopes for Dhimmi De Blasio


Sheikh Masoud Iqbal said it doesn’t matter who becomes mayor as long as that person provides more security and protection for Muslims in his area.

“More crimes are being committed against Muslims, and this needs to change. A person from the Democratic party might be able to improve the situation,” said Iqbal.

Examples? Evidence? Police reports? Nah. Resisting the da’awa, the call to Islam, is a heinous crime. Not submitting to Islamic mores is the real crime here.

End of Ramadan rush-hour in Bangladesh - 

Do not miss this!

Thousands of Bangladeshis crammed ferries and trains, leaving Dhaka  to return to their home villages and celebrate Eid al-fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

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