Hot Mic’s, Savages in Suits and ‘Walls of Oppression’

Muslims discovered the USA before Christopher Columbus

CAIR Spokesturd Nihad Awad proves that a primitive savage can wear suit and tie….

….but he still remains a primitive savage:

From the looney bin:

Just a reminder:


Animal Rights activist horrified by “Islamophobic” post on Facebook from Bare Naked Islam

Animal rights activists  may be fuckwits, but they are also dangerous. One of them killed Geert Wilders predecessor, Pim Fortuyn, because he felt the need to “protect Muslims”. They seem to believe Muselmaniacs are some kind of exotic animals.

UK: Scum vs Scum in Sheffield

Hot Mic Catches U.N. Interpreter Saying 9 Resolutions on Israel and 0 on Rest of World is “A Little Weird”

UN interpreter accidentally tells the world the truth (EoZ)

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch writes:

On Thursday a United Nations interpreter, unaware that her microphone was on, uttered words of truth in reaction to the General Assembly’s adoption of nine politically-motivated resolutions condemning Israel, and zero resolutions on the rest of the world.

Keep in mind that this is not the UN Human Rights Council, which is known for its one-sided anti-Israel agenda. This is the United Nations General Assembly.  The video of the vote, a scene repeated with mind-numbing regularity at the UN, is what should be shocking, not the interpreter telling the truth. Every European country routinely votes for every anti-Israel resolution. 

Helpless in the Homeland:

Israel Has Effectively Surrendered

An IDF soldier is murdered by his Arab coworker, and his body is dumped in a village well. Another soldier is shot dead by a sniper in Hebron. A young girl is shot in her backyard in Judea and Samaria. A husband is murdered by a pair of Arab assailants, and the man turns out to be a family friend of Netanyahu himself. Yet another soldier is stabbed to death while sleeping on a bus. Hundreds of bloodstained Arab terrorists are released as a goodwill gesture to stimulate “peace” talks.

These are the recent headlines from Israel, and they all point to the same problem: Israel is being dismantled piecemeal by its enemies, who recognize that Israel has lost the will to defend itself on a day-to-day basis. Lives are being brutally snuffed out on a weekly schedule, with little to nothing being done about it.


11 thoughts on “Hot Mic’s, Savages in Suits and ‘Walls of Oppression’”

  1. “3 Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the last 3 months”?

    What about the 1,500+ Palestinian kids and the 6,800+ Palestinian adults killed by Israelis since 2000?

    What about the 50,000+ Palestinians injured by Israelis since 2000?

    What about the 8.5 Million dollars U.S gives to Israel DAILY for military AID, while Palestinians are given $0?

    Till this day, NO ISRAELI home has been demolished by Palestinians, but more than 27,000+ Palestinians homes have been demolished by Israelis.

    What about the 260 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land, while Palestinians don’t have ANY settlements on Israeli land?

    3 people are nothing, compared to the damage and killings Israelis has done to Palestinians. Do you not know the fact that Israel use to be Palestine, a MUSLIM country? Do you not the know how many Muslims were beaten and kicked out of their OWN homes? Innocent families and kids being forced to leave their HOME COUNTRY.

    See this is why your blog and all other Anti-Islamic websites/blogs are fake and inaccurate. You only show ONE side of every story, just like the media. The side that makes Muslims and Islam look bad. And don’t tell me “we don’t make Islam look bad, it already does that on their own” or give me anything like that. Because we don’t. Muslims face problems everyday, because of stereotypes and generalizations made on us. Muslims kids only the age of 5 or 6 get bullied. We have to face all sorts of discrimination because of how we dress and what we believe in. We’re all only human, there’s only a certain amount one can take. Retaliating does not make someone terrorists. Self-defense is not terrorism.

    Next time, when giving information, why don’t you give the other side of the story as well. Maybe it’ll make sense to why Muslims act the way they do. What Muslims have done, is not more than what Non-Muslims have done.

    1. Take your lies and your ‘whatabout’ rubbish to Islamic websites that perpetuate them.

      The Arab rabble in Israel needs to be resettled in Islamic countries (there are 56) who will have them. Arab Muslims have no claim to Israel. None whatsoever.

  2. Well first, they aren’t lies. You might want to check out other websites that AREN’T against Islam for your resources.

    Second, if anyone that needs to take their lies anywhere, that would be you. Your blog is filled with lies & misinterpreted information.

    Israel did kill and injure many Palestinians and there is no doubt about that.

  3. @Hannah Baig,

    “if anyone that needs to take their lies anywhere, that would be you.”

    Er, there would be you dear.

    You came here. No one sought you out, to hear your inane Muslim taqiyya.

    If you don’t like it here, then piss off.

  4. Phowar… Benjamin Netanyahu was smokin in his prime.

    The picture is like comparing a man, Netanyahu to an awkward doofus punk of a boy, Barry Obama. Sadly for the US, Barry is still a punk…and a doofus.

  5. @Hill,

    LOL, that’s cute considering that i’m not here for Taqiyya nor am i giving any form of Taqiyya. What I said was truth and facts. Sorry you feel that way though. You have nothing legitimate to say, so you’re here to accuse me and make up some smart remark.


    May i ask you if that man is a Israeli or a jew himself?


  6. My goodness, are you dense! Where were you when G-d handed out IQ’s?

    Can’t you read?

    The guy is Hamas “Minister” Fathi Hammad.

    Don’t you recognise your own people?

    And then, coming here lying on end and posting under different monikers, what is your purpose other than doing taqiyya and da’awa?

    Do you want to make us laugh?

  7. Hannah Baig,

    You obviously haven’t been to Israel or the ‘Palestinian territories’. You are misguided at the least, or a liar at worst.
    Did you know there are no-go zones for Jews in Hebron?
    Did you know that without the ‘walls’ then many Jews would be murdered by ‘friendly, peaceful muslim palestinians’?

    Come back when you have learnt the truth first hand….

  8. @Hannah Baig,

    Tsk. Tsk. Posting under multiple names spewing the same apologist shyte, yep, that is indeed Taqiyya.

    A Muslim wouldn’t say the truth even if it was smacking them upside the hide.

    The only truth to come from a Muslim is that they are prepared to kill you. That you can believe.

    I stand by my original statement. If you don’t like what’s said here, then piss off.

  9. @Sheik,

    The guy in the video rants that the money is NOT for luxury….?

    Ha. Clearly, that greedy bastard Arafat and his avaricious wife living it up in a exclusive arrondissement in Paris missed out on that message.

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