Indonesian clerics again demand Catholic schools teach Islam

Everyone hates the U.S. Really?

Everyone hates US bases in Asia — until disaster strikes”, a look at how goodwill towards the US increased in Indonesia and Japan after help with the earthquakes/tsunamis. (BCF)

Australia: The Greens are despicable.

Everything the Greens claim about this typhoon is wrong

They are enemies of reason, and the question is whether their sin is ignorance or deceit.

Kidnapping is unIslamic:

Egypt’s Christians close ranks as kidnappings spike

Kidnapping infidels and releasing them for ransom or killing them, as well as enslaving them if that option is deemed most advantageous for the Muslims, is fully sanctioned in Islamic law. (JW)

Just do it:

Terror suspects to lose UK citizenship and become ‘stateless’

Terror suspects would be stripped of their British citizenship and made ‘stateless’ under plans drawn up by Theresa May. The Home Secretary wants to find a way around international rules which mean someone cannot be left without citizenship of any country. (BCF)

I hope Australia follows suit.

Indonesian clerics again demand Catholic schools teach Islam

Just reverse that once: imagine Catholic, or Anglican schools down under would insist that Christianity is taught to Muslims students: all hell would break lose. You tell me why we let these savages get away with forcing Islam on kids…..

by Mathias Hariyadi

In Klanten, Central Java, the MUI reignites the controversy over the fact that Islam is not taught in Catholic schools, a serious violation for the local head of the Islamist organisation. Last year, the same dispute broke out in Blitar and Tegal, subsiding eventually after Muslim parents defended the schools their children attended because of the quality of their teaching.

Indonesian ulema again demand Catholic schools teach Islam

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has once again stirred up controversy over the fact that Islam is not taught in the country’s Catholic schools. The latest case involves a Catholic school of Klanten in Central Java. Last year, the same thing was front-page news for weeks in Blitar (East Java Regency) and Tegal until Muslim parents came out in defence of the Catholic schools where their children study, emphasising their high level of education.

Hartoyo, the MUI leader in Klanten, urged all private schools, including Catholic ones, to hire qualified staff to teach the Islamic religion to Muslim students. In his view, the absence of Islamic religious teachers is a grave violation of the law because every student should be able to receive lessons in his or her religion. (More)

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  1. This is the same council that is responsible for halal certification here in Australia….we should not allow this racket in Australia…

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